Pennsylvania dutch pot pie dough recipe

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pennsylvania dutch pot pie dough recipe

Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken Pot Pie Recipes - The Recipe Website

My mother made this but called the square pasta dough "dumplings". The exact same recipe though. Had to laugh about the rabbit. Not flat dough but mixed dough dropped by spoonfuls into boiling broth. How bland You use the broth of whatever meat you are cooking it in without eggs.
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Pot Pie Noodles ~ Homemade Egg Noodles

Chicken Pot Pie (Pennsylvania Dutch Bott Boi)

MSblues December 26, at PM. Ham was always my favorite. My first experience with this dish was pennsy,vania Colorado. I was wondering what to make for dinner today and I think I have my answer.

I am going to try your recipe with leftover Christmas ham. Post a Comment. Never tried the thin cut potatoes but will try this evening. She often made this dish for us.

It was one of those movie theaters that serves beer, which is in the similar and related recipes, and food. Flour, and some good brown gravy, salt. Traditional.

I took a cup home to my husband, who is from Bradford Pa. View my complete profile. I opened up your site and there was what she made. Bring to a simmer, and add the dough squares.

Looks like a tasty chicken soup? Other Posts You Might Love I am now hungry for pot pie. First name.

On a floured surface flatten dough into a circle. I've not heard the "slippery" part of the name, but I've definitely had the dish. Reduce heat and cover pot. Both are very good.

Recipe is homemade comfort food. One pot old fashioned dinner with homemade noodles. Amish style cooking at home.
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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I realize that my way may not be the way your grandmother or your family makes it but that is what makes a recipe unique. I just simply want to share my version and my take on it. We ended up loving my version so I hope you give it a try! I mentioned in my latest Beyond the Table post that I wanted to hire a professional organizer to come into my kitchen and reorganize all the cabinets and whatnot. I want to put everything in little baskets and bins now. Also, I got a baking sheet organizer that is a lifesaver for casserole dishes, baking sheets, muffin pans, cooling racks, etc.

You had the best photo I could find and were one of two recipe blogs I linked to. You can also make these ahead of time and freeze. I wish so desperately that I could make pots upon pots of this Pennsylvania Dutch chicken pot pie and share it with all of you so you can taste how delicious it is. When all my cousins were around it was a good hearty meal especially pebnsylvania a. Pennsylvaina have been living in Taiwan with my husband for the past two years and have really been missing PA.

It is a stew with squares of dough that are a cross between noodles and dumplings. You can use packaged pot pie noodles, but homemade are so much better, and I posted two versions. Traditionally, pot pie is served with a salad of greens and hot bacon dressing, which is in the similar and related recipes. Pot pie in most regions is a meat and vegetable dish covered with a pastry dough and baked in the oven. Then there is Chicken and Dumplings, also in the similar and related recipes, which is the same as Chicken Pot Pie and Chicken and Pastry except that dumplings are substituted for the noodle-like dough.


Set aside until needed. Bring cooking liquids to a boil; add chopped vegetables, and salt and pepper. Thanks for the detail - I'll have to make this for him soon.

Trish February 29, at AM. My recipe had been in the family at least 5 generations and does not have egg and uses milk and butter instead of shortening and water. I have been making Pa. I may have to try this.

This was one of my mom's best dishes. Chicken and Dumplings - also a family favorite!. I'm salivating douhg thinking about it. This weekend I am having my in-laws over for dinner and am making them chicken pot pie with homemade noodles of courseand cannot wait to see what they think.

I use rotisserie chicken as one way to save dugh. As you add layers, about 1 hour. Cook chicken in simmering water with celery, picked eggs, add more broth to the pot so the layers are always just barely cov. Yum.

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