Frozen kong dog treat recipes

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frozen kong dog treat recipes

15 Frozen Dog Treat Recipes to Make This Summer

Looking for a way to save money with low-cost ingredients that you probably already have? Interested in a way to keep your dog busy with his KONG for longer than 5 minutes? This KONG stuffing technique can be particularly effective in calming dogs with anxiety, tiring down hyperactive dogs, soothing fearful puppies, and crate training. These wonderful enrichment toys is readily available at most pet stores or online. What about destructive chewers? There are also several variations for puppies, older dogs, and extreme chewers.
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Kongs for Beginners

How to Fill a Kong for Dogs

I have just soaked food and peanut butter. All yogurt has soy in it and I won't eat it either so using this idea I will try some goodies that I think are good for them. We were farmers and butchered our beef for the freezer. The tongue can stick to it.

My dog always shows up when I'm cutting up potatoes to boil. This healthy combination of pumpkin puree, bananas. But definitely provides great variety for the pups. I dont want her eating food that has molded.

Freezing Your Kong Dog Toy

It may also be that your dog needs a smaller or softer Kong senior if you have the red, red if you have the black so he can chew on it and get all the food out! Looking for Something. There are many alternative ways to produce a home-made yet healthy Kong. Dogs love konf chew, and nothing beats settling in with a treat-filled frozen kong to keep dogs busy, after reading all this. .

Have you ever wondered why? One of the main reasons is that it encourages the dog to work a little harder to eat than if you simply poured their food into a bowl. By serving frozen food in a Kong , it will take your dog longer to eat and will keep them quiet and entertained in the process! In the video below, I demonstrate how to fill a Kong with moistened kibble. But if you feed your dog raw food or even something like Honest Kitchen , you can use those to stuff your Kong too! Having a stash of frozen Kongs in the freezer gives you a grab-and-go tool any time your dog needs some enrichment, distraction, or something to enjoy while confined in a crate.


I normally use a teaspoon of peanut better but reciped I have to watch out because some brands contain added sugar. Susan Busch. The tongue can stick to it.

How long do you leave the dog with these. Kong's are great Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Almonds are not bad for dogs, nor toxic.

Freeze it and it stays together Reply. Like it. What sorts of Kong recipes have you made. See Our Best Photos.

All yogurt has soy in it and I won't eat it either so using this idea I will try some goodies that I think are good for them. Your email address will not be published. Heather Reid. Given her cumulative 25 years recupes owning Dachshunds, and organizing an member Dachshund cl.

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  1. Even without freezing it isnt really messy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We do what we can. We have been recommending to all our clients the Kong toys, stuffing them with their dogs favorite treats.

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