Better homes and gardens sugar cookie recipe

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better homes and gardens sugar cookie recipe

Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (the good one!) «

What's with the ads? Does anyone have an older copy of this book? I have the tenth and eleventh editions, and the recipe I'm looking for isn't in them. The rolled sugar cookie recipe used to have a variation for drop sugar cookies. One of my books has a separate Drop Cookie recipe, but it has brown sugar in it, so I know it's not what I'm looking for. This place has a discussion, and if you scroll down, there is a drop version of the rolled sugar cookie. This one is from and mentions topping the cookie with a candied cherry.
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Embroidered Flower Sugar Cookies - Fun With Food - Better Homes & Gardens

Cinnamon Roll Cookies get their cream cheese icing. Kathy Morrison. The Sprinkle Cookies, below, are perfect for children to make.

Cooky-Jar Sugar Cookies

Which I could have expected as the dough tasted a lot like chocolate chip cookie dough. I love a good snickerdoodle? They are a nice deviation from the norm. Ohmes as in the basic instructions above.

Cool on rack. I also used my small cookie scoop rather than rolling into a ball Finally I let the dough cool in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Stir in milk. Hi Jodi.

Sandra Parker December 22 at pm. Thanks so much for the help, Ladies. The lack of flour and low oven temp would cause extreme batter spreading. These cookies come out slightly brown on the bottom and soft on top.

Sprinkle chopped pecans over the dulce de leche, sifted ingredients. Stir in dry, pressing them in gently? I forgot to add that it was at the link posted by Kalanamak -- that's homrs you didn't see a recipe in the thread. You're welcome.

Leave it to this classic sugar cookie recipe to make your holiday season special. Not only are these Christmas cookies delicious, but sugar cookies are perfect.
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And these Snickerdoodles are perfection! We do not take his praise lightly around here, folks. No, no. Snickerdoodles originated in New England and differentiate themselves from sugar cookies by the addition of baking soda and cream of tartar. In my vintage cookbooks, the few that actually had Snickerdoodles, they were not rolled in cinnamon sugar and they had nuts.

September 10, Please try again. Ah HA. The fiance is addicted:. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites!

I made these with my grandmother Ellanor or Tutu as I called her because she loved Hawaii each winter a week to a day before Christmas. Even though my grandmother passed away about 10 years ago, we have continued to make these scrumptious cookies that always put me immediately into the holiday mood even in sunny California. This year, my dad made the dough for us a couple days ago and kept it refrigerated. We took it out and let it warm up, still in the plastic wrap, on the kitchen counter for about an hour. He made the recipe 3 times so we had 6 dough halves wrapped in plastic.


Wet your finger and gently touch the jam centers to melt the sugar and make the jam reappear. Sing it, sister! I recently tried these without the recipe adjustments the comments suggested. Print Snickerdoodles Prep Time: 10 minutes.

Christmas cookies. Share This Post? We did NOT add butter to the frosting. Cool on cookie sheet 1 minutes.

So I did try. Cool slightly; remove from pan. I made these and we loved them. The cookies should get lightly golden, with patches of lighter color around the center.

Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until edges are just starting to brown. Place baking pieces and shortening in a small bowl. These soft maple sugar cookies were such a hit with my entire family! February 20, at pm.

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  1. Portland, Oregon food blog with many years worth of recipes, restaurant features, and food photos. Media, editorial, and about me. My mother makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever. She would use the recipe out of the classic red and white checked Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook —the one with the stove burner imprint on the backside of it because she accidentally placed it on a burner once. But I digress, and I only mention it because that is like something that I would completely do too. 💯

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