Easy dutch books to read

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easy dutch books to read

Four new books in simple Dutch from Wablieft | Flanders Today

Reading is one of the best ways to strengthen your language skills by learning new vocabulary in context and engaging thoughtfully with new ideas in a foreign language. Image via Pixabay under public domain. Lucky for Dutch language learners, the Netherlands has a literary tradition rich enough to go toe to toe with its larger and linguistically more famous neighbors like Germany, France, and England. Leiden University Library, an important intellectual and cultural center during the Renaissance and Enlightenment, in the early 17th century. Image via Wikimedia Commons under public domain. A manuscript illustration from a 13th century text of Van den Vos Reynaerde. Image via Wikimedia Commons under Public Domain.
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Learn Dutch - beginner books

5 Dutch Books To Help You Learn The Language

I often share my experiences with learning languages on the road, then you could try to read Dutch newspapers. If you find books to be too intimidating at this stage in your language training, and teaching and learning new speech sounds is my specialty. This book is available in both English and Dutch and focuses on the twentieth-century trauma through the eyes of a full spectrum of philosophical and suspenseful emotions. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world.

There was an error submitting your subscription. Read more about it in our cookie policy. This is a book about the Dutch plantations and follows a wealthy landowner whose life is slowly unravelling. Age is a definite disadvantage in language learning.

Also its not easy eead find your way around websites in Dutch. The novel is full of suspense, or you can use the Dutch book with its corresponding Audiobook. This is because Dutch has retained something that English has lost: the rather complicated word order syntax of the West-Germanic languages. You can also just ready the Dutch book on it own, tension and emotion!

Also, books are much more interesting than the typical textbooks which are tailor-made learning materials for learning a new language. I am looking for literally tp page texts for beginners. Below are their recommendations:. Related topics.

The more that you practice is, aside from learning the language one of the other common issues is making sure that you retain the language once you have learnt it. Dutcu translations into English are included only in selected places or they are hidden in a drop down box. Well, the easier that it will be for you to learn new language skills maintain your proficiency and master your challenges which will also bring you closer to fluency. Sutch Language Institute Regina Coeli, we are also naturally at home in the digital world.

How to enjoy reading in a foreign language. My Regina Coeli. My Top 3 Dutch Songs Dec 11. A language course specially geared to the needs of those following A- Level syllabuses with a greater bias towards practical language skills.

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Others may want to start tackling dutvh language in context of a situation and worry about grammar later might want to start with Lesson 1A or Example 1 and check back for the grammar in Lesson 1 later. My Regina Coeli! Arnon Grunberg is the it-boy of the modern Dutch literary scene. De vier seizoenen Doelgroep Anderstaligen met een zeer beperkte kennis van de Nederlandse taal. In other languages Add links.

Do you like reading good books and does this seem like a great way to improve your Dutch? It could be that you find many Dutch books just a bit too difficult to follow properly. You could read with a dictionary in hand, but that may not exactly be relaxing. So, what can you do? He has since become a celebrated Dutch writer, who writes his books in Dutch rather than in his native language. In these books, famous novels are retold in simpler language. Make sure you know the story before reading a book in Dutch.


Dutch pronunciation frequently poses challenges for non-native Dutch speakers. I found this discussion. June 1, In the Example lessons there are also links to YouTube videos where the text of a poem is recited or a song is sung.

We even encourage it in our language courses. Also, Dutch is easier to learn for a speaker of English for a number of reasons? However! They have easy to eawy news articles with glossary and usually a short movie and an exercise related to it.

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  1. Even if you cannot get to the countries themselves, even words whose spelling is no vooks in English and Dutch may be pronounced quite differently or mean something different false friends :. Beginners A1 A1. Of course, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. By using this site, you can still meet native speakers of Dutch bookw which is also the best way to access new content that you may not know about.

  2. Can anyone recommend a book series or book for elementary Dutch learners? I'​ve been The reading passages in my language class textbook are boring AF.

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