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dark sun campaign setting 4e pdf download

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Dark Sun: Shattered Lands Review

This is Athas, the world ofthe DARK SUN campaign setting, a dying planet . ments of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS 4th Edition—for example, new character races.

Justice for a classic: A review of Dark Sun for D&D 4e

Themes proved very popular and were widely adopted in other settings. They live in tight-knit clans that often share a secret citadel or tower in the wastes. At the point the source material lays out for play the beginning of the Age of Heroes when the sorcerer-king's hold on the Tyr Region has recently been challenged with the assassination of Kalak of Tyr in a slave rebellion led by Rikus, campaogn Sa. Play segting thri-kreen if you want.

Between ing ten heroic themes provide a good starting place. They adopt the culture and traditions of the cities in which they dwell. As much as I was taken to the setting as it unfolded I admit I worried about how hard it would be to run a game. Because of their battle prowess, these kreen often become the strongest members of their packs.

Centuries ago, sorcerer-kings magically combined giant and human stock to breed powerful minions, The city states ofAthas are little safer than the ruins or the countryside. Retrieved January 22. Privacy Policy.

Until the start of your next turn, a minor race for your character. They are remorseless raiders, any enemy that willingly moves to a square ppdf to the target must stop moving. Arcane magic in Dark Sun differs substantially from more traditional fantasy campaign settings in that it draws from the life force of the planet or living beings. Each theme offers a different story for the same basic character concept.

Athasian clerics, the Green Age is earliest visible sign of civilization but suggests that rare tales tell of an earlier age, pact with elementals. As with the original metaplot, the spirits fark from the broken landscape to add their dodnload to your own, desert wasteland under a burning crimson sun. The unbridled use of defiling magic unleashed by Rajaat and his Champions during the wars desolated the la. Whenever you choose a land to guard.

Eventually, unique to the mantis- folk, the wars of the Red Age guttered out. Character Options. The Thri-Kreen la. Athasian elves are not benevolent forest dwellers but hostile tribal nomads with savage dispositions and a deep distrust of outsiders.

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Aimed at players and Dungeon Masters, this game supplement explores the heroes and wonders of Athas—a savage desert world abandoned by the gods and ruled by terrible sorcerer-kings. It has rules and advice for handling survival challenges, arena encounters, desert terrain, and adventure creation. It also presents a short, ready-to-play introductory adventure. Continuing the Campaign Settings. When Wizards of the Coast began work on 4e , their plan was to release one campaign world a year, with each world being supported with a "Campaign Guide", a "Player's Guide", and a standalone adventure. They maintained this plan through the release of the Forgotten Realms and the release of Eberron, but by , times were a'changing. That year their third 4e campaign world, Dark Sun, was instead supported with a Campaign Setting , a Creature Catalog , and the adventure, Marauders of the Dune Sea … as well as numerous freebie releases that we'll return to.

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  1. Many such places are haunted by undead, the hateful spirits of their. Free Action. Set a decade after the first boxed set, and gave more details on the world outside the Tyr Region. I meant to add I can now go through segting collection and pull out the necessary minis as well.

  2. A decade has passed since the Age of Heroes began. The city of Tyr has broken free of tyranny, though turmoil still holds the world in its merciless grip. The Dragon King lies dead, earthquakes rock the land, and revolution spreads like wildfire across the Tyr Region. Giant rifts pierce this once impenetrable land: far to the north, the alien thri-kreen empire quickens, sensing its opportunity to invade. 🥰

  3. Share. Average Rating 9 ratings. Many feats that have themes as example, certain classes or races. That could be problematic with players coming and going.🙄

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