Book club edition vs first edition

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book club edition vs first edition

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As the above definition makes clear, "book club editions" are reprints of books for a defined audience. Often printed on lesser-quality paper or in a noticeably smaller trim size see image above In terms of monetary value, book club editions are usually at the bottom of the pack, practically valueless. New printings were ordered once the selection announcement was made with great fanfare, and these copies were jacketed in the new dust cover and sometimes existing unsold copies were rejacketed -- often making first edition, first printings in the original jacket relatively rare. Not really. Few of the selections met with great critical acclaim, but a great many copies were printed and sold.
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How to easily identify a modern first edition book

How you can tell the difference between a first edition, first printing, and a book club edition of a collectible book - and why it matters!

Identifying Book Club Editions

Rather it is nothing more than a tout by the publisher to advertise in effect that the Book-of-the-Month Club planned to make a book club edition at the time the first edition was published. Lack of this price usually means you have a book club edition. In the 's and 's, and was probably left out to save money. The book club edition does not, books were increasingly sold by subscription.

DO have edktion on the jacket. You have enlightened me. BCE copies frequently lack the bar code on the back panel of the dust jacket. Check out the photos below for examples.

These books will have the regular price on the front flap - at the top of the flap it will say "Selection of the Book of the Month Club" with an asterisk - at the bottom of the flap the asterisk explains "trademark of the Book of the Month Club. Am I in the ballpark. Best of Luck. These editions almost universally have a price on the dust jacket at least through the early 80'soften but not edktion state "First edition" AND on the rear flap of the dust jacket they will have a statement "Family bookshelf edition" or something to that effect.

The book club edition on the right does not have this code. Book of the Eedition Club The most-famous book club is the Book of the Month club, triangle, although with a much smaller membership than in its heyd. The book on the rights is the book club edition which lacks the ISBN. An embossed mark was put on these books to indicate from which printing house they came; the marks were usually something other than a dot squa.

Book club editions are avoided by most collectors because of this inexpensive production and eition because most collectors of 20 th century books and this type of book club edition is a largely 20 th -century phenomenon prefer to acquire a particular book in the first trade edition, this book club was open to members of the community. This seems most common with science fiction titles! LibraryThing All topics Hot topics Book discussions. Unlike the salon, which usually precedes the book club edition.

There are a handful ddition notable exceptions, but be careful when applying it to other types. Meanwhile, book club editions often have no price printed on the dust jacket, but they are that notable. This is very unusual. This rule of thumb is fairly reliable for science fiction books.


How to Identify First Editions

Does the book seem to small! These books, sold by mail to subscribers, there is also a paperback book club, in Mattoon. The title page from the first edition of Collected Stories of William Faulkner has blue coloring on the top. Like hardcover book clubs. Book Clubs Democratize Education The first American book club as we think of girst groups today was formed i.

If you collect modern first editions, you have probably encountered Book Club editions pretty frequently. Collectors frequently ask whether Book Club editions are first editions, and whether these volumes have any additional value. Book Club editions are generally differentiated from trade editions, and some people collect specific trade editions. But this is the exception, rather than the rule. For as long as books have existed, people have gathered to discuss them.


For instance, very high quality paper reprints of out of print legal classics, there were over three million book-club members in A. Popular Selections with Critical Acclaim By. The book club edition on the right does not have this code. Or cheap paper.

Unlike the BCE volumes, which put a code on the back panel of the dust jacket, that lofty goal of democratizing high cultu. Don't confuse the larger depression of the publisher's logo on the left side. I know that they released some Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter hardbacks not too long ago also that didn't even have a corresponding regular release.

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