Natural conditioner recipe for curly hair

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10 Best Homemade Conditioners For Curly Hair

This amazingly rich deep conditioner has lived on to become a staple in my hair care regimen. Before I share my recipe, here are a few tips:. This will not have the same amount of slip as commercial conditioners. This is because this recipe is just oils and butters. This is because run of the mill ingredients, like glycerin, are cheaper and will be at the top of the list of ingredients, acting as filler. Making your own conditioner and any DIY products enables you to eliminate the filler ingredients and use the precious oils and butters more effectively than if they were diluted with other ingredients like many off-the-shelf products.
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BEST DIY Leave-In Conditioner Tutorial EVER !! Silky Soft And Defined Curly Hair

DIY Homemade Conditioner

I have recently made this g recipe, my beard is longer than your hair easily, but used Rice Bran Oil. From your pic Tiffany! Works great in this climate. The problem with that.

I should update and specify. I hope to make this tomorrow. But I would like to do it from scratch: formulate my own conditioner. BrendaLea says:.

Hi Kari, so I rarely recjpe need to use a blender! I tend to make small batches of everything, There is no need to add anything in place of the wheat protein. I am allergic to wool-alcohols. Keep stirring until the mixture comes together and thickens slightly.

Could I replace water with aloe juice. Water based moisturizers maintain your hair's moisture. Is it okay to use a microwave instead of double boiler, though. It can be kind of hard to source, as long as the temperature is the same.

1/4 cup coconut milk (Make sure to mix up the coconut milk when you open the can so you don't get a 1/4 cup of just the cream).
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DIY Deep Conditioner for Curly Hair

Easy & Affordable DIY Moisturizing Deep Conditioner for Dry Hair

We recently had someone email us about making a DIY version of her favorite curl conditioner. I felt this subject was a little outside my comfort zone. My heartfelt thanks to Kaitlyn for tackling this tangled topic! This post came about a bit by accident. So I set out to find a DIY product using coconut milk. With a blog name like that I figured Tifani had to know what she was talking about! Mix all of your ingredients together in a small bowl or blender.


In all honesty, I ended up needing to triple the oils and also increased the preservative, when I first started making my products. Arshiya Syeda is an editor and certified counselor. When doubling the water. I have the following ingredients already :.

Leave the treatment in for at least 1 hour. Thank you for a fantastic Recipe. Combine coconut milk and melted shea butter. Make your curls look smooth and shiny with this nourishing aloe vera and sweet almond oil conditioner?

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