History mcq book for upsc

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history mcq book for upsc

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These questions are very important for any type of Competitive exams. Read all the Ancient Indian history questions by choosing these blogs. Visit ANcient history questions with answers. Which among the following kings was also known as Mamallan great wrestler? Show Answer. Which among the following is the correct set of the plays written by Harshavardhan in Sanskrit?
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L1: Brief History of Modern India Through MCQs (Spectrum) - UPSC CSE/IAS 2020 - Prince Luthra

Modern Indian History

Today Current Affairs Questions January. Helped in providing national leadership Select the correct answer using the code given below: a 1, 2 and 3 only b 3 and 4 only c 2,3 and 4 only d 1,2 fro and 4 only Answer c Explained: The introduction of a modern system of education afforded opportunities for assimilation of modern Western ideas.

The content is also supported with a plethora of questions that will help students to prepare for the examination. The Wavell Plan backed by the Conservative government in Britain failed to break the constitutional deadlock. These groups were anti-imperialistic and left-orientedand sought to inspire people through their writings advocating equality among all humans and attacking social injustice and backwardness in the society. Correct Answer: B [ Lumbini ].

Suvarna Choose the correct answer from the codes given below: [A] 4 only [B] 2, 2, hindi grammar, statement 2 is incorre. Hindi grammar knox college admissions statistics. Hen. Demarcation with surrounding areas d?

Aitchison Commission was set up by Dufferin in to suggest reforms in the Civil Services. He was later called Bahadur Shah I. Consider the following statements. Munshi, the Mmcq home minister.

Play Random Quizzes in Hindi. Jpsc organisation was a precursor to the Indian National Congress which started with its first session from Maharashtra itself. Rupaka 4. It put the rulers in a dilemma.

He felt the backward agriculture had to be modernised. Please continue this videos with other subjects Lot of thanks. Administrative work by Indians further weakened the myth that Indians were not fit to rule. Here you can find objective type General Knowledge Indian History questions and answers for interview and entrance examination.

General knowledge questions and answers in Hindi include Indian history tests in Hindi consists of ten multiple choice objective type questions with answers.
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Last 24 Years (1992-2018)’s Topicwise solved Prelim Paper

Forgot your Password? Login with Facebook Login with Gmail. Don't have an account? Registration with Facebook. This book has been prepared by a team of experts keeping in mind the evolving pattern of UPSC exam, tracing the time period from Later Mughals till Independence. Apart from regular chronological events, a section has also been dedicated to the comparative study of important personalities making it exhaustive source material for both Prelims and Mains Examination.

The English language helped nationalist leaders from different linguistic regions to communicate with each other. However, pay mutually agreed rent. Important Current Affairs Questions January Peasants: If zamindars are anti-government, he was opposed to the politics of appeasement by Congress and its participation in the Khilafat moveme. It abolished the Board of Control and Court of Directors.

Explanation are given for understanding. Practice and Learn General Knowledge MCQ Questions and Answers for Government exams, Bank exams and other various exams find current gk in hindi and also exams quiz on janral nolej samanya gyan. You can check online answer and try mock tests for Rajasthan - history Questions provided in Hindi. Indian History Objective questions and answers with explanation for interview, competitive examination and entrance test. Akbar assumed actual control over the administration of his empire in : a b c d Answer. Most of the students want to read gk questions in Hindi language because it is easier to understand. Read many objective multiple choice questions of Rajasthan - history in Hindi.


Consider the following statements British Government usc suppressing the spread of education, especially mass and technical education after the war! It demanded an immediate end to British rule in India. It proposed the abolition of dyarchy and the establishment of representative government in the provinces which should be given autonomy. Chandragupta Show Answer.

Answer c S tatement c is incorrect: Siraj-ud-daula did not abolish custom duty and thus it was not an issue. Comments i want to know about online ias preparation. Mehrgarh - Early Village 2. The company was formed in and invested 11 million pounds sterling.

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  1. Links are provided to buy the books online at a discounted price. Take Exams. Ancient History. The year period covered in this book details about the sequence of events and the empires that governed different parts of the country from the eighth to the eighteenth century. 👩‍👧

  2. Show Answer. Ancient Indian History. Which of the following Kingdoms were associated with the life of the Buddha? 👐

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