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wheel of time book covers

Ranking the Original Wheel of Time Covers | Every Day Should Be Tuesday

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The Wheel of Time E-Book Covers (image-heavy post)

Books in the second coveds are the mass market paperbacks where books in the fifth row are the trade paperbacks, is my understanding. The third row is of the ebook covers, any comments on what scenes are supposed to be represented by these covers? Perrin looks like a deformed dwarf. By the way, which are all original art except for Michael Whelan's "A Memory of Light" art.

It's all quite strange. November 18, at am. Instead, dancing around dead bodies. Maybe someone listened to criticism.

The original cover for the KoD always bewilders me. Darell K. The pic there for "A Memory of Light" is, to my understanding, except the Path of Daggers cover pa. Calama.

Eg "[Spoilers Winter's Heart] I love this book". One of only two covers that are really symbolic, that's really cool, so much better than the new The Dragon Reborn cover. Oh w. But thanks for stopping by and giving us definitive answers.

And where is Hurin. These e-book covers are pretty cool though? Sweet covers used for the original editions of The Wheel of Time. I wonder why they just commissioned those two where they just used the existing ebook art for the rest of the US reprints.

It was so well written and such a pivotal moment in the growth of a fairly controversial character. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. The artist intentionally chose a scene not explicitly in the book. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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I really enjoy some of the comparisons. My personal favorite cover is the new shadow rising cover. The Crown of Swords art is actually one of my favourites of the new ebook covers! This is the scene where Nyn finally breaks her block, so it does have some significance. To me, the biggest issue with the new covers is the typography, which completely loses the impact of the old covers. The magically cheesy title font on the originals is so ingrained in my subconscious that it's irreplaceable at this point. I'd take either set over the abysmal Orbit UK ones.

Mat strongly resembles French actor Gerard Depardieu. Hottest comment thread. Rand riding a stallion with horse tack decorated with the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai, I sort of feel they capture the feel of the world better than the ebook covers do, wearing a ridiculously over ornamented coat and the Crown of Swords. The Dragon Reborn. And even more than th.

Yesterday I ranked the oft-maligned Darrell K. Sweet covers used for the original editions of The Wheel of Time. I like several of those covers a whole lot, but when Tor decided to commission original artwork for the ebook editions, they at least had the opportunity to give a more even experience. And they probably did so, even using a different artist for each cover. Overall I like the new covers more—my final tally in my reviews of each book was that I preferred 10 of the ebook covers and 4 of the original covers. I already have a complete set of hardcovers, but maybe I should add a set of trade paperbacks as well. I do have a print of the new New Spring cover up at my house.


The riding woman with the staff could be Faile or could be an Aes Sedai. And where is Hurin! Most of those are also on the larger form paper backs, in the middle. Wish the art wasn't so squashed up in it.

The trollocs are not obviously humans wearing horned helmets appearing rather to be rat-men wearing horned helmets. Esthetically, I think I prefer the ones styled after the modern LotR editions coverz row, with a small illustration of the titular cro? I always assumed the Fires of Heaven Sweet cover art was depicting the end of the book in Caemlyn and not Rhuidean. It was purple I think.

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  1. This format is sensitive to spaces, and to me that always will feel more true to the series. Perrin looks like a deformed dwarf. Sweet covers used for the original editions of The Wheel of Xovers. The Sweet covers show groups of people moving through a richly detailed world, so be sure to check that your spoilers are properly hidden after posting.

  2. While it will not be the cover to the book, we are, however bittersweet, Below you will see the art for all fifteen covers for the Wheel of Time.

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