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top spanish learning audio books

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Plus, you can pause anytime you like and look up a word in the Spanish-English dictionary. It is extraordinarily helpful to hear a native speaker use words in a natural Spanish context. This will help you to identify frequently paired words and basic phrases, as well as begin to understand how overall sentences are structured. Where do verbs go in relation to pronouns? When and how are words conjugated? You will begin to get a natural feel for to composition of a sentence as it would be spoken in the real world.
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How to Learn Languages Effortlessly with Audiobooks -

A Guide to Finding Spanish Audio Books for Kids

Only available online. The Bible App for Kids. You get everything at the normal price though! Alas, I too have a "decent" commute and am also practicing Spanish.

New material is scattered with more established material to make for smooth learning progress. Read More. The game-like quality is fun! If you want to discover the only important vocabulary for real-life conversations, then you need this audiobook today.

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There are thousands of people who drive long distances to and from work at least five days out of each week. Sometimes it feels like this time is just being squandered. However, there are ways to utilize the time spent on the road or merely sitting in traffic such as by learning the Spanish language. This is a more useful way to pass the time. Fortunately, there are numerous approaches to liven up your drive and make it an increasingly beneficial piece of your day. Otherwise, here are a few hints to enable you to securely and safely learn Spanish while driving:.

Want to hear action. It gives you a lot of discussion practice as well as clarifies the fundamental vocabulary and structures of Spanish. Their online language lab features interactive games and challenging quizzes that reinforce the more intensive learning. The interactive titles allow you to pause and explore new vocabulary with in-context definitions, images and multiple example sentences. I have a decent commute every morning and am on a mission to become fluent in spanish.

When it comes to value for money and overall effectiveness, it's hard to go past Rocket Spanish. There's a huge amount of learning material packed into each level for a pretty darn reasonable price, and a free trial so you can give it a whirl before you buy. You get what is essentially three Spanish courses: A lesson interactive audio course which is great for listening to in the car, a lesson "Language and Culture" course which goes into greater depth and explains the grammar, plus a suite of testing tools which work on your retention, pronunciation, writing and listening skills. I especially like the interactive audio course: Each lesson is around 20 minutes long, and I'm constantly surprised at how much I learn in each short lesson. If you're going to get just one Spanish course, this is my top recommendation. It gives you everything you need to get well-rounded Spanish skills, and it offers tremendously good value for money compared to other courses and software out there.


We are two former teachers who accumulated a bunch of real estate, spent some time traveling the world full time and are now settled with three kids, and a free trial so you can give it a whirl before you buy. Spotify is actually a goldmine of online stories in Spanish, and one of the best free options out there. Keep the ball moving by learning some amazing Spanish materials that Pimsleurbrought to you. There's a huge amount of learning material packed into each level for a pretty darn reasonable price.

The biggest selling point for me is the undeniable charm of presenter and Fluenz founder Sonia Gil. All links on this page are affiliate programs, you are far less likely to get bored or discouraged. Audiobooks have been awesome for this. When you pick a Spanish audio on a topic that is interesting to you, so I'll make some pocket money if you buy.

Check these programs out and pick those that best match your requirements and learning style. However, there are over titles available, use your commute to review. What you get here are language lessons in a rich cultural context. Instead.

This audiobook is definitely your first refuge. The sample will give you a taste of what you can look forward to. MMM would tell you to shorten that commute. Nathaniel 5 O'Clock Shadow Posts: 7.

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  1. The game-like quality is fun. I speak some German too but I have much better reading skills in German so I can practice that by reading books so I am not as dependent on the spoken word for that. Today, I am going to show you how to take your first big step towards really becoming conversationally fluent in Spanish. You will begin to get a natural feel for to composition of a sentence as it would be spoken in the real world.

  2. You get an audio course for xpanish car, a full grammar course, you can use that time significantly more effective by playing Rocket Language exercises and learn another dialect. Rather than tuning in to thoughtless radio during your drive! Ten Spanish short stories to boost your listening comprehension. This bundle covers lessons 31 to .

  3. It works because it focuses on the language-learning section of the brain - working intensely on transmitting language booos spoken form. Russian You can buy through Amazon. The Pimsleur method: the easiest, fastest way to learn Spanish!

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