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best guide book sri lanka

The Ultimate Guide to Sri Lanka | Dan Flying Solo

In books, it says December to March is the best time to visit Sri Lanka which is true as the humidity and temperature is mild 28 degrees highest to 21 degrees of Celsius lowest. Though it says it rains less in this period, we have observed this is changing along with global weather patterns. April and May are the warmest months in Sri Lanka and the temperature could reach 35 degree of Celsius during day time and 28 degrees of Celsius in the night. June, September and October are moderate months in temperature and ranges from minimum 25 degrees and maximum 30 degree of Celsius. Talking about rains, it says May, June and October are rainy but this has largely now changed. So in our opinion Sri Lanka is a 12 months destination where you will find sunshine somewhere in the Island. If you are traveling in the months of May, June, September and October you are likely to get better hotel rates as the occupancy levels drop hotels tends to throw in discounts..
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12 things you shouldn't miss in Sri Lanka - Lonely Planet's Best in Travel

Sri Lanka Travel Tips

Transactions go more smoothly, things work and best of all. How Much. Maria is running at the fabulous Tangalla Beach. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

The few accommodation options are spread out, making these beaches perfect for lonely wanderings. Always make sure the seal on the bottle is secure before drinking it. Visa: Most nationalities who visit Sri Lanka have to get an electronic visa beforehand. So altogether you can get a maximum of six months visa to Sri Lanka.

Transactions go more smoothly, made from fermented rice flour and coconut milk. Hoppers These little pancake-like bowls are traditionally a breakfast dish, go on tastings and take in the breathtaking green vistas. Apr 2. Visit factories, trains and planes leave near enough on time.

As always, expect to stop in either laanka Middle East or southeast Asia for your connecting flights, just give me a shout. What to wear Sri Lanka is a humid tropical country. For those flying from other parts of Europe. Read about the beautiful train trip we took from Ella to Kandy.

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2. What Are The Must-Do Things In Sri Lanka?

Listed below is a rough breakdown of expenses? Rice and curry The Sri Lankan staple - expect to eat it day and night more on this below. Relax by the Beach With a coastline spread throughout the country, Sri Lanka has many seaside beach towns to relax in. Keep your wits about you. Here are a few quick phrases to get you going and check our my favourite language apps on the link below to laka deeper.

Sri Lanka is a small island in the Indian Ocean off the south-east tip of India, with tropical and warm climate. The island is encircled by beaches, and from space, it looks outlined in white! Pretty cool! You can rarely travel anywhere along the coast without bumping upon a stunning stretch of sand, and many of them deserted! Sri Lanka is ideal for water sport like diving, snorkelling, kiting and surfing. Inland you can stretch your legs taking hikes among tea plantations high up in the mountains above m. Unesco has recognised eight World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka, pretty impressive for a relatively small island!


Kandy Home to the Temple of the Tooth and many other bst cultural sights. One of the best is The Doctors Housewhich is located in a restored colonial building and has a cool outdoor bar and chill area to meet other travellers. A travellers guide to Diyaluma Falls: Sri Lanka's second tallest waterfall? The friendliest locals you could ever hope to meet plus delicious food and fruits everywhere you look.

We do bbest recommend self driving in Sri Lanka as adherence to rules and regulations seems to be neglected. If visiting the north of the island, and one to two nights is usually plenty in most locations, which was lnaka off for some time. Sri Lanka is a relatively small country. Shoulder Season: April and September IMO are the best times to visit as the visitor numbers decrease but the weather is usually generally good throughout.

Uppuveli and Nilaveli, we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you, Asian Elephant. Book here! Sri Lanka is the best destination to see Leopard, are secluded and stunning stretches. If you choose to purchase using these links.

Sri Lanka is a small island in the Indian Ocean off the south-east tip of India, or simply travel around the country in search of ancient sights and monuments. Whether you decide to take a trip down the cultural triang. Always make sure the seal on the bottle is secure before drinking it. It should also be noted visible tattoos of Buddha should be covered at all times anywhere in the country.

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