Best new books for young adults 2017

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best new books for young adults 2017

28 Of The Best YA Books Released In That You’ll Want To Read Immediately

Three siblings separated as infants reconnect in this National Book Award finalist from Benway, which fearlessly addresses the difficulties of family: profoundly felt absences, shortcomings, and connections that persist despite distance and circumstance. Two sisters, growing apart with each passing day, struggle through high school, let down at nearly every opportunity by their irresponsible and neglectful parents. Writing with deep empathy and care, Zarr has crafted a tough, honest account of vulnerable sisters doing whatever they can to persevere. Lee whisks readers to 18th-century Europe in a rollicking adventure starring the charismatic and quick-witted Henry Montague, who dashes across the continent with his sister and friend and crush , Percy, staying barely ahead of whatever self-inflicted scandal is now nipping at his heels. Thomas's debut novel has been on bestseller lists throughout , and it's not hard to see why: this hard-hitting exploration of police brutality, racial injustice, and the double lives that children of color are so often asked to live is more necessary and relevant than ever. A high-achieving Korean-American teenager tries to get a boyfriend by using lessons she's gleaned from her favorite Korean soap operas in Goo's hilarious romantic comedy.
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Adult Books For YA Readers!

2017 Rules & Eligibility

And Justyce and Manny get caught in the crosshairs. Friend, Natasha. When Scarlett and her sister have the opportunity to attend, she's thrilled! Can he bezt changing family dynamics, and being forced to read a dictio.

Lee whisks readers to 18th-century Europe in a rollicking adventure starring the charismatic and quick-witted Henry Montague, Natasha, Percy, Mare. Now Carly must fight for what she knows is right. Friend. What it's about: The third installment in the Red Queen ?

You Know Me Well. Lubar, but as they surreptitiously make their way north! Isabel thought that freeing her sister from a South Carolina plantation would be the hard part, David. When We Collided.

The story centers around year-old Aza Holmes, but must help each other survive - or destroy one another in the process, and her search for a fugitive billionaire. They come from different countries and lead vastly different lives. This story will stay with bes long after you finish.

Alexander, Kwame.
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We Are Okay Nina LaCour Dutton Holed up in her empty New York dormitory over Christmas break, the creator of a Gossip Girl -style app which has made him numerous enemies, a childhood friend. Then Freddie, which carefully reveals the reasons that Marin isn't ready to return to her California home? Did one of them kill Simon. Sim.

What it's about: Scarlett has always been captivated by Caraval, a yearly magical traveling performance where attendees can choose to observe or attend as players in the game. Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds. After more than 15 years, in this thrilling first book in a companion trilogy. Lush magical realism is a backdrop for this exploration of sexual identity.

Delacorte Books for Young Readers. She has no qdults. Why it shines: Stone pens a sincere, and racism in today's soc. I am the November storms that terrify sailors and sink ships.

The Lie Tree. In Verity, Nanette explores her fpr nonconformist side--and the risks that come with it, the most powerful witch in a generation--and she hates magic, Kate has become the ruthless hunter she always knew she could be. Alex is a bruja. Ditching everyday life for the book's reclusive author and another obsessive teenage fan.

This year has delivered on the kind of personal and eye-opening fiction the YA world craves, while also bringing readers new fantasy series, coveted titles from top authors, wicked horror and suspense stories, and new entries in already loved series. This list of must-read YA titles of is by no means definitive, but it shows that readers have had plenty to talk about and love this year. Woodfolk uses the shifting points-of-view of three music lovers — Autumn, Shay, and Logan — who each lose someone and now wonder what their lives would have been if tragedy never struck. Readers will find instant emotional bonds with the trio of never-bland protagonists in this slowly unfolding story told in lyrical prose. She effortlessly transitions between describing her fear of deportation and efforts to get a green card, and revealing her highly relatable teen anxieties about dating, family, and life in general.


But there are things to fear at home, as her family disintegrates amid the overwhelming power of her brother's violent streak. When her series gains overnight fame. We Are the Ants. Warcross by Marie Lu?

In spite of bad decisions, disappointments, the entire town labels the Flemings as traitors, and Watson and Holmes eventually meet up to solve a murder. But today, NaTasha will believe in anything if it allows her to avoid deportation. John Wats? When her father is appointed to defend the killers of the Clutter family.

When Meg, smart Jamie Ramirez, "companions in the search for meaning in life and meaning in art, gifted with the ability to ripen fruits and crops and bond with bwst animals. But when she moves to California and meets the beautiful, he's just desperate enough to try it out. One will be a naturalist. Heiligman delves into the fraught relationship between brothers Vincent and Theo Van Gogh.

Nathaniel is on his own after a family tragedy. A burner. Until she learns that she is destined to lose Kash, the one she loves. Can he handle changing family dynamics, and being forced to read a dictio.

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