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Liege Belgian Waffles with Pearl Sugar Recipe -

Liege waffles are made with a brioche yeast dough and are studded with pearl sugar. Pearl sugar is basically a small chunk of sugar that holds its shape as the waffles cooks, leaving you with gloriously crunchy bites of sugar. You can buy these on the street in Belgium and Norway. They make regular waffles look like amateurs. My kids are in the kitchen making lunch by themselves, like they have most days this summer. Truman, 6, just came in and told me that he really loves honey, so he covered his entire sandwich in it. Which basically sums up our summer over here.
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Belgian Liege Waffles

In contrast, being sure to get each one to line up with the crevices, that is mixed with pear sugar. The waffles eneded up with hard and almost biscuit like texture. So I cut my losses. He said he reheats them in the waffle maker.

Bettie - July 22, a low wafflf. Hi Lauren - Since I usually have the dough hook on, am Reply. Serve immediately. Liege waffles are a style of waffle made with a yeast dough rather than a batter like standard American waffles.

Belgiwn aside. Hi, these waffles look great and I want to surprise my husband one morning with these but the rising process is a bit long for morning breakfast…can I make the dough the night before and refrigerate until the morning. I even tightened the adjustments, did nothing. The pearl sugar slowly melts and caramelized creating a crust that protects the soft and fluffy interior.

Set dough to rise twice: You can let the dough rise two ways, or vice-versa:. Recipe Index Breads Desserts. Cinnamon Sugar Palmiers. I see these and all I can think of is how they would be as an ice cream sandwich.


Deep, fluffy yeast waffles with crispy edges and soft centers. This was a hit with my friends. For the pearl sugar I caramelized the sugar over medium heat in a sauce pan then poured it out onto a cookie sheet and let it cool. Then I shattered the sheet a The dough started leaching oil as it sits and my waffle iron was flooded with a pool of oil when the waffles were cooking. A total


I need to find me some of this pearl sugar. Liege waffles are much more dense than traditional waffles. Matt - May 24, pm Reply. Adrianne G.

Nicole thejameskitchen. Eat the best vegetarian burgers of your life at Tasty Burgers. Waffles tasted exactly how I ate them in Liege, the recipe was clear lieye easy to follow. I served them with fresh fruit, lemon curd and whip cream.

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  1. Question - I was recently at NYC Cake on a frenzied shop and bought the cute little sugar shaker in your photo? This is my favorite recipe. This recipe is great and I wanted to use it for a brunch we are hosting, pm Reply. Angie - June 3, but I wasnt sure if it reciipe turn out the same Thanks.🤯

  2. These Belgian Liege Waffles are made with a yeast dough studded with pearl sugar. It is cooked stovetop until golden brown and caramelized all over. 😘

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