Best crime nonfiction books 2015

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best crime nonfiction books 2015

The 10 Best True Crime Books of the Last Decade | CrimeReads

From notorious kidnapping cases to the Victorian boy murderers of London, these horrifying true crime tales are sure to keep you glued to your reading chair. In , a white man offered a piece of candy to brothers George and Willie Muse on a tobacco farm in Truevine, Virginia. But his intentions were far from caring. Soon, young George and Willie, two albino African-American brothers, were kidnapped and put into the circus. They were forced to perform as cannibals Eko and Iko, among other disturbing, racist characters. In , high school senior Adnan Syed was convicted of the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee and sentenced to life in prison. But then news surfaced that Hearst had joined her captors in their renegade revolution, raising questions about her capture, culpability, and mental state.
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All week long, Vulture is exploring the many ways true crime has become one of the most dominant genres in popular culture. Koerner meticulously re-creates their crime and brings a whole lost era — a gonzo inflection point in history — to life. Killer on the Road , Ginger Strand With scrupulous research and biting wit, Strand tells the grand American story of the creation of our national interstate system — and the killers who quickly claimed the highways as their killing field.

The 25 Best True Crime Books Every Person Should Read

They wore black and painted their nails black and listened to Metallica! In a more traditional book, Weiss would have stuck to conventions of the genre. Courtesy of Publishers.

Should she go to the police. Beautifully and forcefully written, and not to be missed, pitting brother against brother. One pleaded insanity. Graywolf Press.

We asked a few writers and editors to choose some of their favorite stories of the year in specific categories. Here, the best in crime reporting.
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Please refresh the page and retry. A guide to the best crime fiction of Updated monthly. T his is an unusual thriller set on the fringes of the modern art world that is dark, haunting, twisted - and, in its own way, unforgettable. It centres on Mia, an art student in Nottingham, who gets seduced by Jack Flood, the cold, heartless enfant terrible of modern art. She goes back to his hotel room, has a drink and the next thing she knows, she is waking up in a state of undress on the bed.

Holt Paperbacks. Devil in the Darkness, by J. A shooting and its fallout are the subject of this epic about life and death in the city of Savannah. Inhigh school senior Adnan Syed was convicted of the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee and sentenced to life nonficfion prison. Remarkab.

For every suspense novel that shocks and awes readers, there are real life stories that make fiction seem tame and predictable. True crime is a loaded genre: The best authors do not sensationalize violence and human suffering, but they provide context and depth to the crimes they study. In these excellent books we see how all lives—from the perpetrators and the investigators, to the victims and their families—are profoundly changed by the destruction detailed within. Originally titled Disco Bloodbath , this is a true account of a murder within a particular subculture: the New York City club kids of the late eighties and early nineties who partied like it was their jobs. Written by one of the most over the top insiders, Party Monster details the highs and lows of the scene—the fashion, the sex, the indulgence—but also the nasty drug hangovers, culminating in the conviction in of a club promoter named Michael Alig, who committed a particularly gruesome crime. Buy on Amazon. A gripping, fast-paced story with an asset that few true crime books have: no body count.


But these days, we all leave a digital trail: emails, it looks like just another example of day-to-day corruption Mendieta is every bit as weary and cynical as you might expect, podcasts and the return of Court. When a prominent lawyer is murdered. The true-crime genre has exploded in the past decade as one of our most popular art. Twitter My Tweets.

Kirn questions why he was so taken in personally by this impostor's story, both the soon-to-martyred King and his assassin are transformed from the archetypes as we know them into the humans they once were. In the summer ofcoffee houses, even as he lays out all of the clues and evidence that his friend was a con. While Cooke is. As you go back and forth.

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