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moses and monotheism freud pdf

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Among other things, Freud claims in the book that Moses was an Egyptian, that he derived the notion of monotheism from Egyptian concepts, and that after he introduced monotheism to the Jews he was killed by them. Reading it is to take an exciting journey through the spaces of mind—an adventure of intellect. This book is an extraordinary achievement, one that will be discussed and debated for many years. Moses and Monotheism is shown to be a fable of identity that still speaks to us—a fascinating yet also tragic work that incorporates 'the Jewish romance with German civilization' from its hopeful beginning in the Enlightenment to its dark end in the Hitler years. Yerushalmi has satisfyingly stirred up all the undercurrents with which Freud had meant to trouble our sleep.
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Bible Studies Part Five: Was Moses an Egyptian Pharaoh?

Moses and monotheism

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His end is wrapped in mystery. With the help of certain assumptions the motives guiding Moses in his unusual undertaking can be made intelligible; in close connection with this the possible motivation of numerous characteristics and peculiarities of the legislation and religion he gave the Jewish people can be perceived. Translated by Jacob J. Perhaps it is these two occasionally give one the impression that freur contrast between the Mosaic and the Egyptian religion is one intended and characteristics that example, when the one religion severely condemns any kind of magic or sorcery which flourishes so abundantly purposely accentuated: in the other ; or when for the insatiable zest of the Egyptian for making images of his gods in ?

Moses, the man, liberator of his people, who gave them religion and laws, belonged to an age so remote that the threshold question arises, if he was historical or.
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This banner text can have markup. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. I am indebted to Mr. James Strachey and Mr. Wilfred Trotter for kindly reading through this translation and for making a number of valuable suggestions. I have also had the advantage of consulting the author on some doubtful points.


Moses introduced monotheism to the Jews and gave the Jews the rite of circumcision, which was also a feature of Egyptian religion. The book, insisted on some strange and disturbing things, Freud does not always credit his sources. He also did not do a monothsism thorough editing job so as to make it more cohesive. Confusingly.

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