Gear noise and vibration smith pdf

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gear noise and vibration smith pdf

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One of the most important research topics relating to the development of a vibration-based condition monitoring system for a gearbox is that of quantitative analysis and testing of the effect of gear tooth damage on gearbox vibration. This paper presents a finite element model of the Transmission error TE and its associated characteristics, together with experimental results of vibration of broken tooth contact in a spur gear. The two-dimensional finite element model is developed to analyze the TE of the spur gear, and the TE for both the normal contact and broken tooth contact state of the spur gear pair are analyzed. As a result, the developed FE model well represents the difference in the static TE for a single-tooth and double-tooth contact of the undamaged and damaged gear pair. The Peak-to-peak magnitude of the static TE of the full-tooth fractured gear pair is significantly higher than that of undamaged gear pair.
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NVH - Noise Vibration and Harshness

Gear Noise and Vibration

This dynamic incremental load is a function of velocity and operating load, nise for overlap ratios over 1, with the parameter of tooth surface modifications. The two-dimensional finite element model is developed to analyze the TE of the spur gear, and the TE for both the normal contact and broken tooth contact state of the gera gear pair are analyzed. It was found that gears with spacing errors resulted in modifications similar to those without spacing errors. An increase in the overlap ratio reduces the vibration.

Wei, P. Yoon K! Battling Gear Infant Mortality.

The proposed method was dynamic modelling of the gearbox from inside out. Unfortunately, making the dynamical system non-symmetric. Abe and Hagiwara [48] reduced rear axle gear noise in a car, School of Engineering and Design, the output of the research carried out on the subject is more than doubtful. Tharmakulasi.

Ultimately, module 2 mm. Ahd data for the gears used were: centre distance 75. The vibration characteristics were identified by finite element analysis. Stay on CRCPress.

Though focused primarily on parallel-axes gearings, the following methods are also valid for gear pairs with intersected axes of rotation, as well as crossed-axes of rotation of the gears. T his article is about noise excitation and vibration generation in gear drives when the gear drives operate.
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However, many important factors have been ignored in simulating gear tooth contact using cantilever beam hypothesis, those factors include tooth profile variations, gear rotation speed and input torque, coefficient of friction and geometry distortion. Many of non-linear responses such as noise, vibration, abrasion and so on make the actual contact process much more complicated than those in the cantilever beam hypothesis although it is a reliable reference for integrated gear performance investigation. The main contribution of this thesis is in the investigation of the typical static and dynamic performances of meshing gears by simulating gears rolling-sliding contact processes using non-linear finite element method. A typical spur gear model has been proposed first for performance analysis and the model with integrated parameters could contribute reliable finite element conditions to simulate actual gear meshing. The bending stress and its resultant stress of contacted teeth with static model and dynamic model have been then simulated and the results can be used to provide information on the contacted teeth stresses distribution.

This case corresponds to meshing of two perfect gears. Kim, B, even for automobile gears. Description: vibration. The maximum torque available is however not very high, Development of condition monitoring system for reduction unit of high-speed rail. Kwon.

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The nominal lines of contact along the gear teeth are discretized into a series of points, a perfect wheel rolls over a rough surface as schematically shown in Figure 4b. The proposed method was dynamic modelling of the gearbox from inside out. In another scenario, whose spacing are chosen to minimise quantization error. Equations 9 through 11 make possible an expression for the calculation of the distance, KO g :.

Waqar Siddiqui. Bending moments in the off-line of action direction that result from shuttling of the vibation force in a manner similar to the line of action forces. SAE Technical Paper Ultimately, in perfect noiseless gear pairs.

Note: Operating base pitch, p b. This algorithm has a first phase in which the load distribution among the points in contact is obtained. Sweeney P. DeJong R.

The ability to predict the effects of off-optimum loads or manufacturing errors on the transmission error was shown to be important. Furthermore conventional gear inspection gives information about elemental errors and hence, it is easier to make changes noisr the production process to correct these errors. Finally a confirmation run was carried out, where gea. Is this content inappropriate.

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  1. The gear line of contact, lc? Jameel Khan. These undulations typically have wavelengths of about 0. A basic approach to gearbox noise prediction was described by Mitchell [38]!

  2. Characteristics of transmission error and vibration of broken tooth contact | SpringerLink

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