Dominant and submissive contract pdf

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dominant and submissive contract pdf

BDSM Dominant/submissive Contract

This is my recounting of the year my husband and I began exploring Power Exchange both inside and outside of the bedroom. Feel free to use this contract as a template for what will or will not work for your relationship. I, Chloe Donnovan, with a free mind and open heart request of Leo Donnovan that he accept the submission of my will unto him. I ask that as my Dominant, Leo Donnovan takes me into his care and guidance and encourages growth together in love, trust, and mutual respect. It is my desire as a submissive to satisfy his needs and desires whenever possible, in hopes that I will be found pleasing to him.
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A Perfect Dom's Guide to BDSM Relationships Audiobook

At its expiration a new contract may be created and signed. Section I: The Dominant's role a) The Dominant agrees to care for the submissive to include tending.

How to Create a BDSM Contract- FREE PDF

Create one with your partner and make sure to go over it periodically together. Drafting the terms takes a long time, especially when starting from scratch. Master agrees that the submissive will not be punished for respectfully stating these concerns.

The Master agrees to care for the submissive, to arrange for the safety and well-being of the submissive, including times not spent in a scene. They agree to speak respectfully to Master at all times. You can check out this article for advice on how to get started. Any advice for some new to this.

This contract is a binding document between two chosen parties on equal terms and understanding. Breaking of this contract by either party will result in instant termination of contract and punishment served by the innocent party as previously agreed upon by both parties upon signing of this contract.
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Sample Dominant/submissive Contract

Submissive must wash to Dominants expectations. Dominant cannot punish Submissive for diary entries at anytime. By continuing to use this site you agree to the use of cookies. Regardless, there are essential terms that should be incorporated into every agreement.

Dominant must ensure a training schedule is created and updated regularly. Dominant shall be responsible for Submissives Well being. Submit Search. Dominant must always remind Submissive of safe word before training and sexual deeds.

Embed Size px? Scroll for more images, the Dominant may present her with a permanent sjbmissive. At the end of the Contract term, info and download options. This contract is a binding document between two chosen parties on equal terms and understanding.

Dominant must ensure all life choices made by Submissive will not effect Submissive or Dominant negatively in any way. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. They agree to speak respectfully to Master at all times, including times not spent in a scene. Sharmen Dizon Gallenero.

Whether you are completely new to BDSM, Dominance and submission, kink and power exchange or you have been in the lifestyle for a while, a BDSM Contract is the best tool to create and guide your dynamic. Save time — use the how to topics below or the detailed template to easily create a beautiful Contract to guide your journey. Why use a Contract? As with any relationship, communication is vital. Writing an agreement is an excellent way to start that conversation. It helps to bring up difficult topics with each other, your goals, expectations, wants, needs and limits.


They are still a very legitimate BDSM arrangement, one which may even last longer than a slave situation if the slave struggles to give up total power. Contract termination date:. I will do my best to always have a put together appearance in any social setting where I represent my husband. Popular in Law.

Find more related content. Dominant shall be responsible for Submissive training. Submissive must ensure any allergies are relayed to the Dominant to ensure safe Dietary list is kept free of all allergy items. Hard Copy We also have a hard copy version, which is available in four elegant cover designs.

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  1. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Flag for inappropriate content. Submissive must respect and honer all hard limits. I will reveal my thoughts, and desires without fear of judgment or embarrassment.

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