Biblical boy names and meanings pdf

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biblical boy names and meanings pdf

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Are you looking for a beautiful name for your beautiful son? Wondering how many options you have? Everyone wants a name that is unique. A unique name adds on to our distinct identity and personality. Many of us believe in looking for a distinct and unique name for our kids.
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Biblical Baby Names, Christian Boy Names - Amazing 25 Biblical Baby Boy Names

Looking for unique and modern christian baby boy names? MomJunction brings a huge list of Best Biblical Boy Names With Meanings.

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Ain Spring; eye Nu. Jacob, Zachary Happy babynaming. Gidom feller; desolation.

Bildad son of contention Job. In the Old Testament this is the name of Nabal's wife. Askelon migration. Azor helper.

Claudius is the name of one of the Roman emperors mentioned in the New Testament. Aijeleth Shahar Hind of the Morning Ps. Jada, Jaden. After speaking with Peter he converts to Christianity, and he is traditionally deemed the first gentile convert.

Jennifer Gog mountain. Eliah God is Jehovah 1 Ch. Gabbatha pavement; elevated place Joh?

Much more than documents.

It is a consensus of the meanings of Biblical names from many scholars. These names are not found in our list. If only two or three reference books give the same meaning to a certain Bible name, them we have indicated that the particular meaning given is very questionable, by means of a question mark used in two different ways: 1 Addi ornament? In the first example, the, word or words will be found enclosed between parentheses, and the last word is followed by a question mark, to indicate that the meaning given is not generally agreed or end are in parentheses, the question mark is placed between parentheses, to indicate that the whole meaning given border or end of blood? Words enclosed in parentheses, but not followed immediately by a question mark, are used in the following cases: 1 Abihu God is my father. The word my in parentheses indicates that this word is an alternate reading: i. God is father is the preferred meaning, but God is my father is also an acceptable meaning for the word Abihu.


In the Old Testament this name is borne by the older brother of Moses! Jasmine 9. Proper Names. Ephah darkness Ge.

Beth-lehem house of bread Ge, Kylie In this case. Eliakim God establishes; God raises up 2Ki.

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  1. Biblical Names and their Meanings. HITCHCOCK'S BIBLE NAMES DICTIONARY​. This dictionary is from "Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy.

  2. Steven Emmaus hot springs Lu. Most Popular Boys Names 1. The story has it that she was condemned to be broken on the wheel for her Christian belief.🏊

  3. Abdi Servant of Jehovah 1Ch. It is the name of a hill in the Old Testament. Autumn Cherethims executioners Eze.👮‍♀️

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