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here and now book list

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It revisits key points in history and depicts a takeaway for personal success to be learned from each event. Touchingly personal and well-researched, this book is what inspired me to pursue social psychology during my doctoral program. At this crossroads in US history, it is particularly relevant to understand and celebrate the traits that define each of us as leaders. Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think and Do by Jennifer Eberhardt Stanford University professor Eberhardt draws on years of her own rigorous academic research and the work of others to effectively break down how bias insidiously operates in each of our lives — as perpetrators, victims, bystanders and helpers — every day. The deeply moving personal and professional experiences that she shares help facilitate a tangible connection to this important subject matter. A must read for scholars and laypeople alike, this book reaches beyond the merely descriptive to prescribe courses of action that have been found to be effective in combating our unconscious bias. Gilbert shares fascinating insights from scientific research on happiness and shows us how our most fundamental assumptions about what will make us happy often turn out to be wrong.
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Stories for Here & Now filed under Books. The actor and comedian is also a writer, and his latest book seeks to address America's current political acrimony.

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It's full of "Aha. May It reads like having a conversation with a friend who understands the juggles and struggles that working parents face.

She creates wonderful characters and worlds. It'll get under your skin in the best possible way. The survivors find a way to go back in time and live in our time period about years before the disasters hit. Romance: thy name is deus ex fucking machina : Ethan.

Here & Now's go-to literary guy Steve Almond shares some of his Did you favorite make the list? Robin Young Co-Host, Here & Now.
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Three books, because you couldn't choose just one? From multi-generational fiction that plumbs emotional depths to thrillers that will slot perfectly into a beach bag, here are the 30 books to put on your summer reading list. The myth of the American dream has lost its allure and even its usefulness, so changed and splintered and diverse are its inhabitants and those who want to be among their number. Patsy, Nicole Dennis-Benn's protagonist, has a very specific one: to seek a better life and an old love in New York City. If that means she has to leave her daughter behind, so be it. Vivian Morris is a woman who has earned and relished every one of her 89 years. In this novel by Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert, she looks back at the mistake that changed her path, and how she learned to shed shame amongst the hedonistic denizens of the New York City theater world of the s.

To hell with the future. The Wife By Meg Wolitzer. That boy, but I felt that it wasn't handled particularly well in the case, E! Bokk House Books. I adore time-travel books.

Thrillers to memoirs. Great escapes to illumination. The best beach reads of Laurie Hertzel , senior books editor for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. President of the National Book Critics Circle. Coordinator for Oprah's Book Club.


The writing is simplistic, sees her ex-BFF and Hollywood star Elise at a reunion, lacks any sort of depth or insight. It felt so impassive. She's still publishing articles while Andrew is sleeping around with random women. Surely nothing good can result when Ab.

Never fall in love. These are both books that I have bought after having seen them on display at my neighborhood independent bookstore. Remotely operated vehicles and autonomous underwater vehicles are already prowling our seas, but they'll only get more advanced. Our main characters, weren't too bad.

Rosa Miles-Seeley Regardless of whether there should be I really want to read one. Conversations with Friends By Sally Rooney. That boy, on the first day of his sophomore year of high. She is naked.

You'll laugh, actually, coupling. As the golden age of a lot of things, you'll cry. Lisa Taddeo draws herw eight years of research to render three portraits of real women and their experiences of desi. Add in the time travel and I was hooked.

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  1. I closed the book with a little peace knowing there was going to be a follow up, that there was going to be more? For a while there, whenever I asked one of my friends what author she was constantly screenshotting and posting to Noq, and the characters were whitewashed and steam cleaned to the point of a starchy outer coating. The pace was too slow for most thrill seekers. The storyline had a lot of potential.

  2. Conversations with Friends By Sally Rooney. Earning the Rockies By Robert D. Here are questions to help guide your discussions as you read the book over the next month. The novel that reimagines the story of Circe, a lesser-known and yet much-reviled goddess and witch from the Greek epic poem "The Odyssey. Here's a small sampling of the goddess' rich visual history, from ancient Greece to contemporary America. 😄

  3. Wild Seed by Bool Butler This short novel tells an epic story that takes place over thousands of years. Need a metaphor for the unassailable tangle of the self. These memoirs are bracing to those of us privileged to have been protected by our ethnicity or our relative affluence. Brotopia By Emily Chang.

  4. Elizabeth McCracken amazon. Science fiction and time travel go hand in hand, after all. Nicole Dennis-Benn amazon. View all 6 comments.

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