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Are you looking for stories that will foster a lifelong love of reading? That's the testimony of one "graduate" of the Alice and Jerry Reading Program - a grade school student in the 60's now rejoicing in the re-printing of this winsome series. These books are pure midth century Midwest and absolutely, delightfully so. No political correctness here - but there is bountiful evidence of a more carefree childhood lifestyle, a freedom and innocence that seems to have been lost somewhere along the line. Originally published in , the stories are full of the wonderful experiences of children who are happy, interested in life and those around them, and sometimes just a bit naughty. The children and the adults in their lives are involved in the everyday joys of pre-computerized, pre-nanny-state, pre-regulated America.
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I was also impressed with the continuum of the series and specifically remember how surprised I was that the boy on the stagecoach at the very beginning of "Singing Wheels" was the grandfather at the end of "Engine Whistles" In addition to reading, where she learned the official game, the books provided lessons in history. Book authors today would do well to look back years and copy some of the techniques used in those days. I grew up in San Francisco and started with the Dick and Jane books. He took her to the Harlem River Tennis Courts.

These stories are about Americans - people just like you - who have made a difference and changed the course of history. I'm wondering if they were take home items for students who had completed a part of the series. Great memories. That was my favorite time of the day; better than recess.

I learned to read in the Cleveland Public School System with this series of books scyool I learned to sound out. My father, made sure that I had good reading material to improve my reading skills. Here's hoping we can find them. Shop with confidence.

These were such lovely books that I've hunted down and collected several of them in adulthood. A few minor smudges. You know, M.

The "Alice and Jerry" books followed a sister and brother, Alice For instance, here is the text from the book "Skip Along": "One.
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The characters in my children's books were Ramu, Sita and Gopal! Village with three corners here, Jennifer Yellow Hat! Another one with the Village with 3 Corners. I loved it and it's brought back fond memories as I loved school and learning to read. Anyone remember having words in a tobacco tin? Is that even allowed now?! I can't remember which scheme I used to learn to read, but I do have fond memories of Janet and John and the other is of Andy Pandy!

We learned to read, learned history, BUT it does not appear that this book was ever used in school. Inside the front cover is a stamped small number and inside the alicf cover is a school stamp. I started school in and here in Australia we learnt to read with "Dick and Jane" and of course their pets Nip and Fluff!? Larger size softcover reader of 48 pages. Don't know if I would dare show them in the light of day now.

The " Alice and Jerry" books followed a sister and brother, Alice and Jerry, as alice and jerry books high on a hill well as their dog Jip, through a series alice and jerry books high on a hill of simple events in relatively plain settings. Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one- of- a- kind products and gifts related to your search. With an active marketplace of over alice and jerry books high on a hill million items, use the Alibris Advanced Search Page to find any item you are looking for. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. We moved to a new house in the middle of 1st grade. See more ideas about Alice, Early readers and Childhood memories. I just Googled Alice and Jerry books.


I remember Janet and John but also Peter and Janethey were still going strong in my classroom in the s. Jrery Water Color Illustrations. In third grade, we had "If I Were Going" for our reader. Anonymous age .

Janet and John, which is a big deal here. I found and bought two copies of If I Were Going, Dick and Dora - and I loved them all!!, different times. I was a school kid in NYC in the early s and those were the first books we had too. One of the students had her 15th anx last summer.

Email: info rainbowresource. The 1st 2 groups were Joseph and Mary, the slowest was "Baby Jesus". Most of the kids in my class were reading pretty well by Christmas break if I remember correctly. Very few friends have heard of them.

Oh, but I adored them and think my schol will too, how I remember Alice. Hard to believe that this book is 66 years old. I can't refer to them with anyone of my generation without getting quizzical looks! I saw a photo of "Singing Wheels" and that stirred memories also.

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  1. There is a pattern to the books - and even to the stories within the books. I have all of the hardback books, I learned that books for Catholic scyool featured different character names. In doing a little research on this, however. More than just another reading program, but am missing some of the pre-primers.

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