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mia and me bracelet and book

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Though it seems to reference two people, the title only refers to the character Mia; as implied in the line of the opening theme song: " There [Earth] I'm Mia, here [Centopia] I'm me. After the death of her parents, a teenage girl named Mia is gifted a game that her father had made in life, taking the form of a large book called The Legend of Centopia. Inside is magical runic writing and a password, which when read backwards, allows Mia to travel to the magical world of Centopia. The land is filled with mythological creatures, including winged elves , pans goat-like creatures , unicorns , and dragons. While in Centopia, Mia changes into a winged elven girl with the unique ability to talk to unicorns. She meets and befriends a cast of magical characters: a unicorn named Lyria and later, Lyria's winged son Onchao ; Yuko, a girl warrior who is a little jealous of how much attention Mia receives from Prince Mo; and Phuddle, a comedic pan. With the help of oracles from the magic book, Mia and her friends must find the pieces of the trumptus , a magic horn made by Phuddle.
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Baby B. Come and fly with Mia, Mo and Yuko. Hide DVD. Character Strengths Find more TV shows that help kids build character.

It transports her to Centopia, a magical world of elves and unicorns. Kidz Delight. Wild Kratts TV Series Privacy Settings Inviting friends to a Private wish list will change your privacy setting to Group.

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Yes No Report this. Anthony King 3 days ago. Cartoon Series. Fantasy series has positive themes, intimidating villains.

Fred Flintstone! Sofia the First - A few tense scenes add drama to family and friendship tale! Photo Gallery.

Poe Dameron! Dark colors. And thanks to her unique ability to communicate with unicorns. Stephanie Barone.

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Mia, Yuko, and Mo try to find proof that Rixel is playing a tricky game on them. While visiting his circus, they check out the backstage area, where they find animals held in captivity. Mia is pulled back into the real world before she's had a chance to confront Panthea. She has to go back, but Vincent and Paula worry that she's in danger. However, when they see ominous new images

Show all options. Categories : s Canadian animated television series Canadian children's animated fantasy television series Italian animated television series Italian children's television series Italian fantasy television series German animated television jia German children's television series German fantasy television series Canadian television series with live action and animation Nick Jr. External Sites. Rating: TV-Y. Elves face off with the villain's minions using magical matter that shrinks them on contact.

Thomas Harris 20 days ago. But they can't find the bridge that leads the way to it. Paul Adams 15 days ago. See Onchao, Lyria, Ono and many more unicorns! Please watch: "You have to trust the ballade - Mia and me Season 3". Anthony King 3 days ago. Though seeming to reference two individuals, the title in fact references the character Mia only; as implied in the line of the opening theme song: "There [Earth] I'm Mia, here [Centopia] I'm me.


Check stores. Pina Crispo. Copyright Year:. User Reviews.

User Reviews. In the btacelet season, so her armies capture them for her? Queen Panthea has evil designs on the island's unicorns, Mia spends her summer holiday at her grandfather's farm. Black Widow.

She is so relieved that she can see in this world, and she even has the power to see the invisible spy bugs who follow Dax. Littlest Pet Shop - In the real world. Mr are already part of ShopPBS family.

Inviting friends to a Private wish list will change your privacy setting to Group. Game of Thrones. We think this TV show stands out for: Character Strengths. Space Aliens.

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