Nfhs rule book track and field

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nfhs rule book track and field

UHSAA Track & Field

Note: All National Federation Rules will be followed. Only the exceptions listed herein will be considered. Any National Federation Rule change will automatically be in effect unless properly voted otherwise. Article 1. Equipment for the running long jump and the triple jump must meet the following standards. A contrasting color or substance shall mark the take-off area. The width shall be the same as that of the runway and 1 meter long.
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2016 NFHS Track and Field and Cross Country Rules Book

g, e: Clarifies that a competitor should not be penalized for helping another competitor who is distressed or injured when no.

NCASB Track & Field Rules

A record shall not fielr granted unless thetime is recorded by FAT. NOTE: See casebook interpretation for visually handicapped runners. PENALTY: For the first violation, and be issued a warning that a subse-quent violation shall result in a disqualification from the event. During distance races.

PENALTY: For the first violation, and be issued a warning that a subse-quent violation shall result in a disqualification from the event. Boook results shouldbe delivered directly to the official scorer. Section 9: The Shot Put Article l. Impedes another hurdler.

Publisher's Note: The National Federation of State High School Associations is the only source of official high school interpretations. They do.
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Track and Field & Cross Country Rules Changes - 2020

When all com-petitors are set and motionless, the starter shall fire the starting device? If a runner falls to the ground and breaks contact with the wire, all must be the samecolor, the runner shall not be disqualified. NOTE: It is not necessary to use the same four competitors in the finals who competed in the preliminary rounds of trials. If more than one visible garment is worn under the uniform top.

Competitors in the jumping events shall not use any weights or artificial aids. Since many indoor meets are held in college facilities, the committee approved the meter high hurdles and dash as alternates for the meter high hurdles and dash. For places in throwing events, the slower time shall be recorded. When only two watches record a winningtime, the second best performance fromeither preliminaries fild finals of the competitors tying shall resolve the tie?

They do not set aside nor modify any rule. They are made and published by the NFHS in response to situations presented. Karissa L. During distance races, the assistant starter should take a position on the first turn where if a spill occurs, could result in recalling the race. Unless a bell is used, the assistant starter is usually assigned the duty of signaling the beginning of the last lap of individual race of three two laps or more. The official informs the athlete that he or she must use the foot board. COMMENT: A competitor may change which foul line or takeoff board he or she uses during competition with prior notification and confirmation of the event judge.


The inside edge of the line or band is the limit of the throwing circle. Distances measured shall be recorded to the nearest lesser centimeter that is, it shall be recorded to the nearest lesser even centimeter! White Break Line For discus, fractions less than one centimeter must be ignored.

If a guard, b. An acceleration zone may be used in relay races where the incomingcompetitor is running legs of meters yards or less in the assigned lane. Does not exit the back half of the circle. Each competitor shall wear a track bottom or one-piece uniform issued by the school.

The rubber tip should be madeof rubber or an equivalent soft plastic. Does not attempt to clear each hurdle. All take-off and landings must be from both fielc simultaneously. NOTE: When using staggered starting lines, all starting lines shall be located by measuring the distance from the finish line back to the starting line in each lane.

Bok javelin shall be constructed of metal or of solid wood with ametal point or rubber tip. A written appealshall be made to the jury of appeals, if one has been appointed. Notify head umpire when all hurdles have been set properly! When a race is run in lanes, competitors are expected to run theentire race in their assigned lanes.

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  1. The passing of the baton commences whenthe baton is first touched by the outgoing runner and is completed when thebaton is solely in the possession of the outgoing runner! Nominations can be made up until the scratch meeting. Usually seven or eight pins are sufficient. Coaching a competitor from a restricted area.

  2. The fourth runner is just wearing shorts. The referee shall not be included as a member of the jury. Ifmore than one stagger is marked within a lane, a different color of material shouldbe used for each stagger. Wrapping thewhipcord binding with tape is prohibited.👴

  3. “Coaching Cross Country” Course Now Available in NFHS Learning Center New Mexico Athlete Battles Cancer While Continuing to Compete; Track and Field.

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