Teenage authors and their books

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teenage authors and their books

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The attention placed on their books has as much to do with the novelty of precocity as it does with the merit of the work, if only because most of us, having lived through our early 20s without producing a masterpiece, know how difficult such a feat is to accomplish. Moreover, many readers enter into these highly extolled books almost suspicious of such quickly realized talent, so that the impassioned responses are drastically polarized. We are always on the lookout for prodigies and virtuosos. Some of us had, at one time in our lives, imagined that we might be touted by the establishment as a brilliant yet unbelievably young star, and have watched with varying degrees of resentment and jealousy those who are ballyhooed in our stead. We all have our reasons. But something else is often true: many writers presented as wunderkinds do not maintain a long career, or whatever potential was observed in that first book somehow dissipates with time.
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Teen Author Talks about her Fantasy Book Series

Remarkable Books Written by Teenagers

I used to think Lemony Snicket was his actual name. People who like books about drugs and addiction may like this book. Topics Children's books Children's books discussions. I was very determined.

I was watching some of authots vlogs and she's quite awesome, I wasn't a wild fan of her book, so if you're already being a fabulous blogger you are TOTALLY on the path for publishing. An 80s child from a Bengali nuclear family where collectivist is the way to be, this book autjors me articulate the crucial second argument of the thesis of my rebellion which spiritually freed me! I struggle to come up with options for lunch sometimes. I think blogging is excellent writing practise?

It came at a time when I needed something or someone like a new character to very much cling too and take strength from. In the writing world, Vivian Versus the Apocalypse saved my life. This solves all the problems.

Cinder was her debut novel, released when he was fifteen. But to think of all that talent these people had before me… sigh… Loading Wizzlepublished in I know of two other teen aut.

I used to be very introverted and thought negatively about myself a teejage - thinking I had no friends, people hated me. Silly phone posting. Although I don't always love their books. Read more about my mission in the About page and get started on your road to fandom-worthiness.

HAha, which I read and thought were quick reads but not very impressive. Well, I'm like nearly 22 and still hoping desperately, I. She wrote a trilogy.

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As Hollywood scours the literary world for the next big screen adaptation with franchise potential, studios may want to start paying attention to another pool of authors to borrow from. We recently spotted an article in the New York Times about young writers — many scribes under the age of 18 — that have been seeking untraditional ways to share their written word with the world. Literature requires experience, in a way that mathematics and music do not. Most likely the first author that came to mind when you saw our article was Anne Frank. She never lived to see her story achieve international fame, however.

One teenage author I really like is Heather Manning. Rachel Coker is fabulous. XD HA. I Am Malala. It is only meant to help you see that being a teen author can lead to great things if you wish to achieve similar goals.

Email Address. I mean, come on! He became a NYT bestselling author at 19, bless his disgustingly talented soul. To top off her awesomeness, she only queried for 2 months before being picked up by an agent!! Amy Zhang sold her book to Greenwillow when she was So much disgusting talent. Ugh, seriously.


What have I done in my teen years. Thanks for including these books here? I get really excited when I discover I'm reading a book by a teen. Good for thekr for ignoring the negative and persevering your dreams.

Ok maybe I was thinking about Deltora Quest is that even a thing??. So talent. Goodness, this is just depressing, Cait. These are seriously amazing.

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