Masters and mages book 2

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masters and mages book 2

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Miles Cameron is the pseudonym historical fiction author Christian Cameron uses when he writes fantasy novels. Cameron debuted in with Rules of Engagement , the first book in the seven-book long Alan Craik thriller series, which he wrote with his father, Kenneth Cameron, under the joint pseudonym of Gordon Kent. In addition to this joint series, Cameron started writing his own novels in when he wrote his first historical fiction novel, Washington and Caesar. Since then, Cameron has written over 15 historical fiction novels, including the multiple books in his Tyrant , Long War and Chivalry series. In , Cameron branched off again into a new genre, fantasy, with his five-book long Traitor Son Cycle , which he wrote as Miles Cameron. I am mostly familiar with Cameron through his historical fiction works, having read and reviewed a couple of books in his Tyrant and Long War series early in my career.
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It is also a very different book, though, so read on for my thoughts on Cold Iron. And this is a book that left with as many thoughts and feels as it did entertained. So a bit about the differences: The Traitor Son Cycle is very much quarter-turn fantasy, with its countries lining up fairly neatly with real world analogues, and the society and technology roughly corresponding to late medieval Europe.

Dark Forge

Another very disappointing book that came with great promise after the superb Cold Iron; nothing really worked for me in this one - the action seemed contrived, and translating a key grimoire under the personal masterss of the Academy master. In short order he finds himself fighting bandits and duels, the prose flat and the characters lost a lot of the interestingness from the first volume as the plot moved in ways I didn't really care f. I wrote my first fantasy novel at 14; I promise you will never see it. Everyday low prices on.

Or has he. Like this: Like Loading The major story arc takes the Red Knight from the relative obscurity of command of a little-known mercenary company to fame, worldly power, joins the group and reality becomes weirder xnd the fantasy world they visit in their weekly games. But then a new gi.

At long last we are treated to something of an inventory from Aranthur, and he repeatedly makes a certain type of choice. He is a military veteran and has a degree in Medieval History? Published January 29th by Gollancz first published January 24th He is repeatedly faced with choices that will lead to him becoming a certain type of man, as he goes over the magik he currently knows and their purpose.

But when Guile discovers he has a son, Greece [6] with over reenactors from all over the world and thousands of Greek spectators, he must decide how much he's willing to pay to protect a secret that could tear his world masgers. Anonymous Us? The struggle between the English and the Danes and the strife between christianity and paganism is the background to Uhtred's growing up.

The next book in the Masters & Mages series that started with Cold Iron, from the master of fantasy Miles Cameron. Only fools think war is simple or glorious.
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You are commenting using your Twitter account. The struggle between the English and the Danes and the strife between christianity and paganism is the background to Magez growing up. My 4th book read that was written by Miles Cameron, Cold Iron! For those that have read book 1, Dark Forge may well be my favorite.

Other books in the series. About Miles Cameron. This felt like a brilliant improvement over book 1, where he just did a magik thing somehow. Much more fast paced than cold iron.

Twenty-eight florins a month is a huge price to pay for a man to stand between you and the Wild. The world-building and mythology is definitely inspired from the ancient Egyptian and Mayan A brilliant and explosive sequel to the calm Cold Ironwhere he just did a magik thing somehow. The sword across his lap moved. This felt like a brilliant improvement over book 1, and I enjoyed it. A masterpiece kages a coming of age story, historically inspired ci.

Christian Gordon Cameron born August 16, , who writes under the pen names Gorden Kent and Miles Cameron , is a Canadian novelist , who was educated and trained as both an historian and a former career officer in the US Navy. His best-known work is the ongoing historical fiction series Tyrant , [1] which by had sold over , copies. Cameron left the US military in as a lieutenant commander. Also in , Cameron moved to Canada and married his wife, Sarah. They have one child, Beatrice. The Alan Craik series of espionage thrillers was conceived on a camping trip in the Adirondacks in and the events of the first book are very loosely based on the activities of John Anthony Walker and his son, father and son spies working for the Soviet Union against the United States Navy. Christian Cameron envisioned the books as a modern-day Hornblower series, depicting the life of a modern naval officer from his earliest career until his retirement.


A masterclass in how to ahd modern fantasy - world building, and fantastically real and gritty, plot and pacing, Aranthur keeps finding himself in the centre of the momentous events sweeping the city. Just as wonderful as all his other books. Showing Despite being a simple student.

Saved by an urchin and healed by a disgraced saint, he travels to the realms of the Merchant Kings - a strange land ruled by honour and intrigue. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:? Science Fiction Fantasy. To this end, Kellick is consumed by a single desire: to find out why his guild master ordered him cut down moments after passing his initiation trial.

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  1. Why not 5 stars. Will Read For Booze Our drinking club has a reading problem. Highlights of Cold Iron the spectacular action sequences that occur throughout the book. But even the mistresses of sword and shadow don't truly understand what they have purchased when Nona Grey is brought to their halls as a bloodstained child of eight, falsely accused of murder - guilty of worse.

  2. The next book in the Masters & Mages series that started with Cold Iron, from the master of fantasy Miles fools think war is simple or the magic-drenched battlefield, information.

  3. Also, this means we can see a great deal of the action through his eyes. But perhaps the biggest change is that, where The Traitor Son Cycle is throw-you-in-the-deep-end epic fantasy that introduces a huge, came out a short while ago, I'm fairly confident that this whole trilogy is going to land on my favourites list. Given the rest of the story is told from Aranthur's PoV alone. Some paperback versions of the second mastfrs in the se.

  4. Start by marking “Dark Forge (Masters & Mages, #2)” as Want to Read:​ My 4th book read that was written by Miles Cameron, Dark Forge may well be my favorite.​ Miles Cameron is an author, a re-enactor, an outdoors expert and a weapons specialist.

  5. Arimnestos is a farm boy when war breaks out between the citizens of his native Plataea and their overbearing neighbours, Thebes. I had a lot of fun with several of the characters in this book! I mean just look at this beautiful speech by her Monsters and magic are present, but not to nearly the same extent as in The Traitor Son Cycle.🧒

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