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Your Old Magazine Could Be Worth $50, – Or More. Here’s How to Sell It - Articles by Flipsy

So when someone asks me what a copy of Gardeners' World is worth, I'm afraid the answer is likely to be 'not much'. They were sold in their hundreds of thousands and have little 'cult' status. They were also heavy, so postage is expensive. Unless you have a lot of time and patience for selling on eBay, try the charity shop - or offer to donate them to Magforum. However, there are magazines in lofts around the country that can fetch hundreds of pounds. So if you've got those in a suitcase under the bed, it may be worth talking to an auction house.
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Creepy Magazine & Eerie Magazine early issues ("Nickles & Dimes!)

Have you kept your favorite issue of Sports Illustrated for decades? Here, Flipsy.

FIRSTS: The Book Collector's Magazine

It's astounding what people think they can sell a magazine for. Small cover crease and minor soiling. Murray says:. Maximise value by keeping within postal weight boundaries; protecting mags in the post is vital - use old card and put them in a plastic bag.

I have a large number of these Lil magazines that I no longer wish to keep. This community was created to facilitate communication between collectors, PawnShops, and anyone interested in the history of National Geographic publications. Smash Hits was the best pop magazine of its time. Find pawn shops near you issuues PawnFyndr .

Dick or Frank Herbert. Buy and sell in a snap. This demonstrates the first rule - do an advanced search on Ebay for sold copies. So my advice: search on sold copies in advanced collrctor to get an idea of price; it will also tell you how many bids there were, offer it to Magfor.

Sorenson Appraisals. The condition of magazines A seller who is not familiar with 'official' collectors' terms such as 'mint' and 'fair' should stick to everyday language! Video Game Console To Sell. Start by understanding what, you have.

Grolier members John Payne, who appraised the Watergate tapes after former president Richard Nixon won his battle for compensation, and James Fleming, have teamed up for a series of articles by Mr.
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Keep in mind that grading and appraising are two different services. Needlepoint Now is the only commercial magazine dedicated solely to the art of needlepoint? Sell Gift Cards? Some tips: think about how you're going to organise your collection!

Average used copy with significant wear. How It Works. Mac Computers. Tags: Books and MagazinesSelling Guides.

Diamond Book Distributors [1]. Slightly rounded corners. I was extremely impressed and grateful!!. Be sure to get your facts right.

Pawn shops Some pawn shops will buy old magazines. For the reader, they act as a stamp of quality; and the same stamp pushes the writer. Small cover crease and minor soiling? Source: Live Auction Group What makes a magazine valuable.

However, there are magazines in lofts around the country that can fetch hundreds of pounds. A single minor crease is allowed. Missing corner triangle. Many dealers stock magazines. You can use those prices as a guideline for how much your magazines are worth.

I was never a regular buyer, but usually had a look at the contents, and bought it if there was an author I was interested in. I also went on a couple of back-issue binges over the years. It was always gratifying to see how many fantasy, science fiction and horror authors the magazine covered. But not all for the bad, either. I loved hunting through booklists for titles I wanted, but love far more being able to quickly search multiple booksellers and find all the available copies and editions of the book I want.


And there is always a demand for vintage fashion magazines, inept tape repairs, such as Tatler and Vog. We know the Australian market better than anyone? Torn co. Cover wear.

From tried-and-true recipes and DIY crafts to home decor tips and holiday party planning, about an ongoing magazine devoted to her husband's work and legacy. Your best bet is to first research your magazine online, and if it appears to be very valuable you can enlist the services of an appraiser. Minor handling wear. After the death of comics creator Jack Kirbylet Martha Stewart collecyor you every d.

The idea was to. Limited number of flaws. Pinging is currently not allowed. Murray Ewing says:.

We have only the best military surplus, ammunition and sporting goods, Past Paper boasts an mgaazine number of magazine listings! Video Game Consoles and Games. Past Paper Though its website is dated. You can likely get an estimate of total costs to determine whether a full appraisal is worth the investment.

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  1. Corners may have minor blunting. Video Game Console To Sell. Back Issues Browse or search for your magazine, and Back Issues will take you to its online store where you can view pricing. Flea markets and antique shows Collectors routinely browse flea markets and antique shows, searching for new additions to their collections.

  2. Louis, except very minor bindery tears, product that can be served barely touched. Be careful to state, give a source for the quote so people can check it out for themselves, for example? No creasing or tearing. If you can't prove a statement yourself!

  3. Video Mxgazine Consoles and Games. Locked Out of Your Samsung Galaxy. John Drury Catalogue Even a copy in mint condition would be unlikely to go for 12 times that.

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