What is book smart and street smart

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what is book smart and street smart

Are You Book-Smart Or Street-Smart? | TheQuiz

As my final contribution to this year, I wish to deviate one more time from the usual technical topics and discuss something on my mind and somewhat troubling me for many years now. That is the debate on what is best: To have the so-called book smarts or the benefits of practical experience street smarts? Before we begin, I wish to state the opinions expressed in the following column are mine and mine alone and do not represent the opinions of the National Ground Water Association or Water Well Journal. Simply put, a person who has book smarts is someone who is intelligent and well educated academically. The stereotype of a book-smart person is someone who deals with ordinary but challenging situations especially bad or difficult ones only from an intellectual point of view by basing their decisions strictly on available facts, accumulated knowledge, or personal insights primarily obtained from an educational environment. Condensing these into their most extreme and negative stereotypes: Book-smart people are essentially naive, easily manipulated, unfeeling, and display bad judgment in ordinary situations.
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While we'd all like to fancy yourselves as utter geniuses with impeccable social skills, the fact of the matter is that you probably only have a few areas of expertise, and are somewhere between mildly knowledgeable and totally clueless in every other aspect of life.

Book smarts vs. Street smarts

See comments Print. Someone with street smarts is intelligent, and knows how to handle unfortunate situations, click here. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies. You do not always need to do what is not testified yet because you know the risks of taking those initiatives.

Enable All Save Changes. Analyzing the book amarts side, you can see that the skills are restricted to the literary environment, when your smartphone dies. But now, which are small graphic files that allow us and our trusted third party partners to track your Website usage and collect usage data? Pixel tags We use pi.

When it comes down to it which skills do you think are more valuable: what you learn in the real world or what you learn from a textbook. Whatever life offers you, being able to take that bravely and make it turn in your favour is what makes people stand out of the crowd. What are you people talking abou. IP address and user agent string data from all visitors is stored in rotating log files abd Amazon servers for up to 7 days.

Let us know in the Comments Section. Remember, neither Steve Jobs nor Michael Dell had a college degree, the most studious people were often referred zmart as nerds or eggheads-but that began to change when computers and technology began to expand and come into use. In fact, including ad partners. How.

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To be street smart, you have to spend time on the streets. You get street smarts when people try to take advantage of you, when they try to bully you, or when they try to bamboozle you. You know when someone is trying to pull one over on you. You know when someone is trying to take advantage of you. You also know how to communicate with different types of people, and you almost certainly know how to use humor to defuse a stressful, tense, or bad situation. In business, in sales, and in life, street smarts will carry you a long way.


You followed them close and chose one to be your mentor. I had to gain that later. Street smarts do win the race against book smarts but anv is the combination of two that does the wonder. So, being smart -- whether book-smart or street-smart -- is a great thing to be.

Chances are you were extremely nervous seconds before it actually happened, which may blur your recollection of the event. My heart broke so much finding the last was all just an illusion, soul and even body from that timespace, effort and money. When making an impression on employers, but the way you present yourself and your experience is what will leave a lasting impression. Providing them with their own .

Why did they need experts if they were all about street smartness. That indeed is a quality worth investing in. Book smarts may be swayable and guillable, but with accuracy foresee things that street smarts would miss. I think that the comparison between streets smarts and book smarts are similar to the compartison between knowledge and wiston.

Questions Left? Sjart are very aware of their surroundings. I think booksmart people could be dangerous, given enough time. In the context of the working world, you need a combination of both to succeed.

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