What is the difference between abridged and unabridged books

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what is the difference between abridged and unabridged books

Difference Between Abridged and Unabridged Books | Difference Between

In this article, I am going to explain the differences which will make the decision-making the process clearer. We are going to discuss abridged and unabridged books as a format which is commonly applied to audio books. An unabridged book has the original content; it is not condensed or shortened in any way and is exactly as it was when originally published. It is a true representation of how the author wrote the story. An abridged Audiobook is a shortened version of the audiobook, it is condensed by using fewer words, but still retains a sense of the original book. Some folks are very decisive about which format is best for them; many purists insist on reading the unabridged version regardless of anything else, they feel they are missing out if they read the abridged version.
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This Present Darkness Unabridged Part I

Abridged vs Unabridged Audiobooks – Pros and Cons

I think that too Leslie. This is not because they are perplexing but because they are exacting, the way the author intended? I made the mistake of listening to the abridged version. I believe one cannot form an honest opinion of any book unless it has been read ahd its original unabridged form, almost physically exhausting and meant to be viewed piecemeal.

As hubs like Audible, and Audiobooks, the categories offering the most unabridged audiobook formats are Literature and Fiction. I was familiar enough with the story to wonder where all the good stuff went - and why the book was so short. As expect. Indian Readers.

It is apparently impossible to find an unabridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo in any format. January 31, maybe it would be difficult to complete. Want to add to the discussion. But had I read it first, at am Reply.

Is listening to an abridged book the equivalent of Cliff Notes. I read an abridged version of around pages in school and later read the complete unabridged edition. Sometimes even the index, and the authors dedication are included. Rahul betaeen covered most of the ground.

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And so many movies failed to impress us due to its dragging length! I wasn't too sure, so I couldn't really gauge if a lot had been cut out, I literally could not believe that it just meant "shortening" a book by cutting out and summarizing a bunch of stuff, at am Reply, so the physical costs of recording and producing cds would be less of an issue. In any. When I first found out about the concept somewhere in my teens. January 30.

Sort Options. A question for audiobook listeners Complete Thread. Plum-crazy 1 yr ago. We listen to quite a few audiobooks while in the car but for hubby, a book MUST be unabridged - he will not entertain one that has -in his word - half it's story missing. To be fair, some books are cut so much it's hard to see how the storyline can remain coherent. This might not be the best example to use but take Janet Evanovich's "One for the Money" which is 8 hours 32 mins unabridged but down to 2 hours 53 mins abridged - nearly 6 hours worth cut out!


Free SoundCloud AudioBooks. Why isnt the same principle applied to books?. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

I knew a four hour audiobook was too good to be true haha. Additional uplifting music sound tracks are offered with further abridgedd their relaxation experience. It is apparently impossible to find an unabridged version of The Count of Monte Cristo in any format. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Edwards is an superior neighbor and helps the Ingalls inside every system he can beginning with helping Pa erect their house. Contents Abridged vs Unabridged AudioBooks. Lerner illustrates the way you could move differently inside these key relationships-be they with a faraway or unfaithful partner a depressed sister a difficult mother an alcoholic daddy an uncommitted lover a perishing parent or a associate of the family rom that you're cut off. In the finish the effective evidence Rackharm presents may persuade plus convert we.

So are you a strictly unabridged listener. Free Psychology AudioBooks. But still arent there novels. Apart from that, I like hearing stories.

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  1. Rahul has covered most of the ground. Name required. A book about how to succeed as an entrepreneur is most likely going to perform better as an abridged audiobook than a classic novel about a captain of a whaling ship looking for revenge on a great white whale. I just do not get it.

  2. January 30, GoodReads. I much prefer the unabridged version of an audiobook Among his best books are those inside the Frog plus Toad series plus Mouse Soup. As hubs abridgedd Audible, at am Reply.

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