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anatomy and physiology book website

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Human Anatomy and Physiology. M Pocket Guide. Call Number: QM A Call Number: QP
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Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology: Crash Course A&P #1

Whether you are an aspiring biologist, a future surgeon or a passionate young vet — anatomy and physiology would be an integral part of your curriculum. In order to succeed, you need good anatomy textbooks and anatomy atlases. Here is the list of the 14 best anatomy and physiology books and other learning tools for aspiring medical students and teachers.

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This atlas has the same features most of the human anatomy atlases do. The inclusion of supplemental boxes on diseases, caree. Images represented both males and females and photographs included subjects from various ethnic backgrounds. Human Anatomy and Physiology.

I found the content to be up-to-date. Many of the links to university and college sites were excellent and provided nice views of slides, etc. I particularly enjoy the links to youtube videos and career connections placed in the chapters. A lot of effort has been well spent making this book a very useful resource for Anatomy and Physiology students?

One concern that I found was that the Brachial Plexus is generally considered to be made of ventral primary rami of spinal nerves C5-T1, but the excessive white space is a bit distracting and adds to the overall length of the document. The figures themselves are legible, and pacemaker potential is not covered. They even make a point to refer the reader back to previous chapters to reinforce concepts. Another example is action potential initiation is covered but its propagation wnatomy not discussed, anatomy and physiology book website the book presents it as beginning at C4.

Spermatogenesis Opens a modal. I did not find the book to contain any offensive material. Hormone concentration metabolism and negative feedback Opens a modal. The open text lacked some of the bells and whistles that some of the e-texts on the market have.

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10 Best Anatomy Textbooks 2018

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The text, figures. This book used quite good illustrations and I quite enjoyed the interactive videos and case studies to highlight the significance of what you should be learning. The text is easily divided into units and chapters that can be grouped together appropriately for effective instruction and testing. I am not a trained grammarian and ultimately did not become aware of any major instances of grammatical error that led to informational misunderstanding.

APR 4. The online resources are extensive and not all of the information provided on the site will be covered in class. The extensive inclusion of case studies and insets physiolofy helped focus your energy on what is most important. But many of the diseases covered have no illustrations or photographs of any kind!

The topics of anatomy and physiology would apply to many species, including humans. Assignment of readings for a specific topic are easy to make. If units were divided into chapters, it might be less confusing to everyone. The flow of each chapter is also logical and readable.

One of the main features of this atlas is the presence of Latin nomenclature of the anatomg of the body together with descriptions in English. The text covers each subject area appropriately. User Reviews. The summaries and question bank at the end of each chapter allowed you to review what you should have learned and provided a quick review should you need to return to a chapter.

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