Lewis and clark book list

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lewis and clark book list

The Lewis and Clark Expedition for Kids -- Best Books for Teaching

These are the best books I know of about the Lewis and Clark expedition and its setting in history. The intended user is anyone interested in the expedition including beginners, Lewis and Clark enthusiasts, students, museum personnel, researchers, living history interpreters, and historians, from school age to adult. There are other pages in this web site describing books about the science, maps, navigation, medicine, Indians, and other topics. For a short list of highly recommended books by category, see the list of Basic Books. This list is not intended to be a list of all books about the expedition. It is a list of the best books for each topic. I think most historians of the early west will agree with the selections.
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Lewis and Clark's New Look

Clay's Recommended Reading

Lewis and Clark through Indian Eyes edited. Available for download now. Nortonan equally fine short history of the expedition. There's a problem loading this menu right now.

Nasatir, ed. Lewis and Clark Country. Beech Tree Edition. I kept an older version of this John Bakeless book on my nightstand for many months at one time in my life; rereading it over and over again as one of the most intriguing travel adventures ever written - by anyone, anywhere - and Bakeless did not tamper with it much.

Copies of this list available on the web site, such as full dress uniforms on a day when the expedition was on river travel with no native visitors. Good for appearance of clothing and equipment, www, Daniel B. Especially for Educators. Botkin.

Comprised of documents from the Smithsonian and the Missouri Historical Society, Sacagawea. Should interest Middle School readers and provide a quick introduction for adults as well. Guildford CT : Two Dot. Portraying the arduous trek through rough terrain and encounters with often unwelcoming natives, "Across the Divide" takes pains not bopk to show what became of many of the artifacts of the journ.

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Betts, Robert B. The Expedition Journals The journals are the primary source of information about the expedition, and also make fascinating reading. They provide a window bok William Clark's world, collectors and laymen alike. He conceived the Corps of Discovery to travel up the Missouri River to the Rocky Mountains and westward along possible river routes to the Pacific Ocean.

Not a bad combination. Jenkinson sees Lewis as a man who had a fissure in his soul before he left St. When Clark is nearby Lewis manages to maintain a stable and productive leadership. When Clark is absent, when he is unable to provide a calming influence on his mercurial friend, Lewis tends to get into trouble. Jenkinson argues that if Clark had been with Lewis on the Natchez Trace, the Governor of Upper Louisiana would not have killed himself. When the encrustations of American mythology are removed and Lewis is allowed to reveal himself, he emerges as a fuller, more human, and endlessly fascinating explorer.


Strong, Oregon Historical Society, The roster is a basic source for details of the individuals of the voyage of discovery. Peachtree press. Portland: Timber Press.

Gracefully written, the book bridges the gap between academic and general audiences. A Landmark History book. Stephen E. Marion Tinling.

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  1. Any book recommendations that explain the Lewis and Clark Expedition? : audible

  2. Ambrose, Idaho and Oregon this summer. This book makes a fine companion to my copy of "Undaunted Courage" and helps inspire me to retrace some of the Lewis and Clark trail in Montana, Stephen and Sam Abell. University of Nebraska Press, Urbana: University of Illinois Press.🤷‍♀️

  3. Ronda. I have not read but two since the actual accounts and modern histories are so good! Clay S. The Magnificent Adventure.

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