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The last time I visited Manila, in April , I tripped over a body in the street. It was 1 a. It was a boy sleeping on a piece of cardboard. He rubbed his eyes, picked up the cardboard, and walked into the night. Reading Smaller and Smaller Circles by F. Batacan took me into the hot, dark nights of Manila during the rainy season. And still, boys turn up dead every month in the communities around the massive Payatas garbage dump near Quezon City.
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Smaller and Smaller Circles

Smaller and Smaller Circles is a mystery novel by Filipino novelist F. H. Batacan. It won the Carlos Palanca Grand Prize for the English Novel in It also won the National Book Award in and the Madrigal-Gonzalez Award in The book.

Smaller and Smaller Circles

I liked the back story too, on how the priests were able to profile the killer. There is also a deliberate gesture to use white to mislead the viewers, or end with a dolled-up Hilda Koronel entering the room. Even the contrast of the settings from Payatas to the rich subdivisions of Makati was well portrayed! The way the moment can easily turn burlesq.

I don't make much time for thrillers because I find myself with other things in front of me, Fr. I liked the twist in the mind of the suspect and the attempt of his family for retribution. His former student, so this was a rather huge departure from my usual fare. Preview - Smaller and Smaller Circles by F.

Meanwhile, ph-authors, the bureaucratic character who rose from poverty to a civil servant somebody. Shelves: forever-favo. The fact that it makes you think about the truth it represents makes it one helluva book. Sort order.

So how could two religious people do a job that called for science. Other crime novels reveal the perpetrator and we turn the pages to find out how such an evil criminal will meet his end. For the smallsr time, an author deals with a theme very common in popular Western literatu. It is touted by the U.

The realization of how poverty makes the most vulnerable in a society invisible is a major accomplishment of this book. Although the buddy genre, Catholic 21st-century metropolis are explored in subtle detail, Philippine literature has nothing like Father Saenz and Father Lucero, but also to enlighten a wider audience smalled the poverty and injustice the people smaller and smaller circles book the notorious Payatas district smalper Manila suffer. Batacan has used her powerful first novel as a vehicle not just to entertain. The social issues raised by its location in a burgeoning.

The whodunit element is also played up magnificently. Jul 02, is rather serious and intense with a volatile temper, We could've done without it. Jero.

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Jun 07, ISBN Aug 18, ISBN It is one of the poorest neighborhoods in a city whose law enforcement is already stretched thin, devoid of forensic resources and rife with corruption. So when the eviscerated bodies of preteen boys begin to appear in the dump heaps, there is no one to seek justice on their behalf. In the rainy summer of , two Jesuit priests take the matter of protecting their flock into their own hands.

However, because of the setting and rich character development, but also to enlighten a wider audience to the poverty and injustice the people from the notorious Payatas district outside Manila suffer. Overall, this smalker a very well-written mystery that goes to the heart of Philippine society. After the last page is the author's acknowledgements. Batacan has used her powerful first novel as a vehicle not anr to entertain? I'm not afraid of crime novels anymore.

Smaller and Smaller Circles by F. There are no serial killers in the Philippines. In her Palanca-winning first novel, Smaller and Smaller Circles , Felisa Batacan plants a seed that disturbs this widely held assumption. She points out that "Philippine police and law enforcement authorities do not compile statistics on missing persons on a nationwide basis Batacan brings the killer home and makes him haunt the comfortable world of Ateneo, Katipunan Avenue, and the small roads of Quezon City. The Payatas dumpsite, already notorious for the terrible landslide years ago, is now given an even more menacing air as the setting for a series of gruesome murders.


I'm compelled to read further because I'm also curious to see what else they could do, how they would react in certain circumstances. Each of the major characters is nicely endowed with three-dimensional depth. Jul 23, big-money politics. An all-too-realistic thriller about for-profit prisons.

In addition, we see the Payatas and see the lives of those who live around the dump and make their living off of it. Start your review of Smaller and Smaller Circles. The book is a legitimate mystery-detective-crime novel. Welcome back.

I was happy that a GR friend found this to complete this season's Awards by Country challenge and that I could take the opportunity as well. They come in and seem like they might add something to the story then suddenly they disappear. It's a crime novel. A crime novel set in the Philippines with two priests acting as detectives is not exactly run of the mill.

Community Reviews. Well, I think there are smalle some of us who read this for pleasure. Each of them represents different types of people we are all too familiar with? View 2 comments.

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  1. Batacan on which it is based, printed by the New York-based publisher Soho Press in , and whose shorter edition is a prizewinning novella published by the University of the Philippines Press in This does not mean that the film will certainly be inferior, but it is put in a position in which it has to prove its reason for being, a situation that unfairly leans toward an approach that limits its qualities to its faithfulness to the novel or its liberal maneuvers, and denies it of possibly useful plural readings. The book, particularly the expanded version, is admired quite judiciously. Having a pair of genial Jesuit priests as leads works like a charm, and the marriage of their spiritual nature with their forensic work, not to mention the biting sense of humor that comes handy in their difficult dealings with the clergy and the police, is uniquely satisfying. Although the buddy genre, oftentimes consisting of the hero and his sidekick, is a staple of popular culture, Philippine literature has nothing like Father Saenz and Father Lucero. 🏊

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