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Bookshops in Kathmandu, Nepal | Nepal, Book lovers, Travel memories

Second-hand bookstores and map shops are a dime a dozen in the tourist hub of Thamel. Asia Nepal Kathmandu Books. The Best Bookshops in Kathmandu, Nepal. Save to Wishlist. Pilgrims Book House Bookstore. Save Place. Pilgrims, in the heart of Thamel, was established in and was one of the largest bookshops in Asia.
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The Ethics of Buying Second-Hand Books

In the category Used books for sale Malaysia you can find more than classifieds for example: textbooks, rare books or best sellers. Today, we' re present across various categories including Apple products, Branded Apple accessories covers, cables for iPhone, iPad, MacBook , docking speakers, Headphones, Amplifiers, Media players, Home theater Speakers, Projectors - and many more! Along with second hand books for Engineering students and second hand medical books, this shop also sells novels at cheap price.

Second hand English books in KTM

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To accept cookies, click continue. Moon Landing Memorabilia! Previous post Next post. He sits in a kathmaandu square, three walled store called Paradise Book Shop which he rents.

I want emails from Lonely Planet with travel and product information, just another data point for those interested in such things, promotio. Liked this post. Is it available there. Anyway?

I remember buying Shantaram from him as a gift to someone in Nepal. But in there are only a few remaining that sell second hand books. Somehow used books appeal more to me than new books. Kind of like buying an electronic book I guess.

He had old photograph printouts of Kathmandu. But in there are only a few remaining that sell second hand books. He had old photograph printouts of Kathmandu! Lisa Pilgrims was wonderful and the source of so many of my armchair mountaineering expeditions over the years.

Bookshops could be academic, foreign language, the Patan Book Shop is bookwhop bit cramped but covers the. Conveniently located beside the colourful Patan Dhoka and the lovely Dhokaima Cafe. Some Nepali-language and Hindu-language books are also available. Welcome Search forums Jump to forum.

Second-hand bookstores and map shops are a dime a dozen in the tourist hub of Thamel. But if you're looking for something a bit more esoteric.
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Will kindles & tablets kill the bookstore? Or are they a product of our evolution?

Skip to content Mr. They are a treasure trove of unknown discoveries. Indeed if you are an old school book lover Nepal might still be your Shangri-La. The problem I have is that the selections are always rather limited and always new. Flick through them. Then I turnover the book and shudder at the price. Placing the book back I wonder if I should buy a kindle?


Comprehensive information about Nepal on the Internet. Katgmandu is the list of the best book store in Katmandu. The Best Bookshops in Kathmandu, Nepal. Almost missed my flight, it would have been worth it.

People reading more than ever before world-wide… and yet… where are our treasure troves. Click here to cancel reply. This page is an information about the various types of books Order online. Or are they a product of our evolution.

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  1. Secondhand books are disappearing around the world. In Nepal they still thrive. Meet the man who runs my favorite bookstore in Kathmandu.

  2. I think paper books will never die because of the lovely sight and feeling to have your home filled with them! I do encourage people to visit his small shop, a fire destroyed much of the building and its inventory, Kathmandu. In May. Explore the latest social science book reviews by academics and experts.

  3. Show all posts for this topic. I noted he was hard of hearing! Thorn Tree forum. Patan Book Shop Bookstore.

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